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About This Project

In October, euroMind team in Úbeda welcomed a group from Zespół Szkół Budowlano-Ceramicznych in Gliwice. They came to Spain for a two-week internship. Sixteen students worked in bioconstruction: a new form of construction that does not pollute the environment.

The main responsibilities of the builders were: recognizing and identifying the properties and elements of building materials and their uses in construction; checking, identifying and maintaining the safety measures related to working with slippery materials and heights; examining building plans and the construction project. They also learned about reading and interpreting building plans; producing, compacting, removing the biomaterial (adobe) from its mold and drying it; planning and distributing the different walls between apartments in the construction. Moreover, they were building by using bio and/or recyclable materials.

Apart from their practices, they also had a possibility to travel around Andalusia region; their first trip was to Malaga: the largest city on the Costa del Sol, that is not only a city full of sun and beaches but also a city that invites us to explore its architecture, its monuments and its history and the life of Pablo Picasso. They also visited Salobreña: one of the most beautiful cities located on the Costa Tropical where the trainees had the opportunity to enjoy the charms of nature. Finally, they had the opportunity to visit Córdoba, a monumental city, which was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in which art and history are hidden in every corner.

For each student, the stay has been an unforgettable experience, where they not only learned a new philosophy of life that is bioconstruction but also learned about Spanish culture, traditions, and customs.


Mateusz Dec

After one week on Juan’s farm, we could make bricks that were made of ground, sand, and hay, we were able to think more ecologically; generally, we knew a bit more of Spanish culture and inhabitants, about their national foods, and their style of living. I´m very happy that I was able to work with Juan and my friends.



Helena Celeban

Erasmus+ allowed me to learn about bioconstruction. Now I know how to reuse material and protect the environment and how to use natural products in bioconstruction.  In Spain, I met new cultures and customs and many wonderful people. I’m so grateful for everything that can I did here…



Olaf Skutela

The project Erasmus allowed me to go to Spain, where on the farm we learned how to give some materials a second life. We dealt with such things as construction of a shelter for goats from old tires. Also, we learned about brick production using natural raw materials. Juan taught us a different approach to the world.





Project Details

Project Title: Ekologia i nowoczesne technologie
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-047999
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Gliwice

All Projects, Construction
Bioconstruction, Construction, Constructions