Euromind | Tutoring & Monitoring every step of the Internship in Spain
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  • Before mobility

    • Skype interview with participants: meet your euroMind Mentor, tell us your work placement preferences,
    • Facebook group to solve doubts: get in touch with your Mentor to clear out any doubts
    • Sector vocabulary online Spanish course
    • Informative Package: receive useful information with tips on Spanish work culture, lifestyle, weather, transport, etc.
    • Preparation of Learning Agreements: euroMind will happily take care of all Erasmus + paperwork

  • During mobility

    • Welcome day: go through your first days in Spain with the help of the euroMind team
    • Monitoring visits: have regular meetings with your host tutor and euroMind team to evaluate your work progress.
    • One-to-one sessions with the euroMind Mentor: discuss your progress and get the feedback
    • Dissemination meetings: promote your project achievements. euroMind will dedicate 1 hour per week to help you spread the news.
    • 24/7 availability: if you have any urgent problem, you can contact our emergency number at any time.

  • After mobility

    • Certification. To validate the acquired skills you will receive the following documentation:
    • Training Certificate
    • Europass Certificate
    • ECVET Transcirpt
    • Linguistic Certificate
    • euroMind Final Report