Euromind | Cultural Programme for Internship Students in Spain
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Seville is one of the most charming and fascinating cities in Spain. It is famous all the world because of its culture, architecture, traditions and festivals. Interesting to mention that it is a birthplace of Flamenco and the place where indescribably beautiful processions related to particular festivals take place.

The rich history of Seville is felt right at the moments when you enter the city, the undeniable proof of which are the monuments and building spread all over the city. Seville possesses its magic charm and casts it spell on each and everyone.


Úbeda is a very interesting city from the historical viewpoint and till nowadays there can be found lots of Renaissance palaces and churches that were built in 16th century. Thus Úbeda has acquired the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003.

The town is inhabited by approximately 40000 people. Even though the number might seem to be quite small- Úbeda is administrative hub with lots of companies and factories located inside the city, where people from the nearby towns and villages come in order to do their business or to enjoy the beauties of the city.

Setúbal (Lisboa Sud)

Setúbal belongs to the metropolitan area of Lisbon, located 30/40 minutes by bus/train from the capital.  Its main economic activities are industry and commerce thanks to a busy industrial port.

Setúbal is well known for its magnificent beaches with crystal clear waters. The beaches in this region are considered among the best beaches in Portugal.


Malaga City, birthplace of Pablo Picasso, is the capital of the touristic area of Costa del Sol which attracts thousands of visitors from all over de world every year thanks to its 330 days of sunshine per year and average temperature of 22°C.

The vibrant cosmopolitan city of Malaga, with a population of close to 600.000, is famous for the nightlife, museums and exceptional seafood restaurants alongside wide boulevards, swaying palm trees and beautiful beaches.