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About This Project

In September, 12 students from Rzeszów, Poland, arrived in Úbeda with a goal to gain new professional experience in the field of construction, and to be more specific, bioconstruction.


The group was divided into two teams of six people each. The first team had an internship on an organic farm, mainly involved in goat farming, where their task was to build a greenhouse from recycled materials. The other team was in charge of assembling a chicken coop and making bricks from natural resources available on the farm, such as straw or clay.


What is particularly distinctive about these internships is that only naturally derived or recycled materials were used when carrying out the tasks assigned by the tutors, which is at the heart of the idea of bioconstruction.


During their two-week stay in Spain, the students diligently attended a Spanish language course and went on an excursion to Córdoba – a city famous for its beautiful flower patios and beautiful old town, with its cathedral steeped in history at the forefront.


We are sure that participating in this project was an extremely rich and eye-opening experience for the students, both culturally, and in terms of lifestyle.



Adrian Kozak

The biggest surprise for me was the siesta and the shops closed by it. I worked on a farm, but not as a farmer but as a builder, during the 2 weeks of practice I learnt to use many tools, including a concrete mixer, angle grinder etc., During this time we put up a greenhouse and poles, with the constant help of our tutor, who taught me how to use the tools and showed me how to follow instructions correctly.

Jakub Kucaj

I worked on an eco-farm. For example, at the very beginning we built shelves of wood and an “apartment” for Earthworms. Then, we have been building bamboo walls to build a dry toilet that our tutor has invented, or we created bricks from the ground and straw that were to be used by next group to do internships on this farm. My tutor was a very nice, positive man. I loved spending time with him at work because whenever I did not know something, he always helped me and explained it. I will remember for a long time the people in Spain who received us very positively.



Project Details

Project Title: Nasza iberyjska przygoda zawodowa
Project Number: 2021-1-PL01-KA121-VET-000007893
Number of participants: 12
Country: Rzeszów, Poland

Agriculture, All Projects, Construction
Agriculture, Bioconstruction, Construction, Ecology