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About This Project

A group of eighteen students from Slavonski Brod (Croatia) spent two full weeks in the olive oil capital. These lucky trainees had the opportunity to discover for themselves the best of this World Heritage city, as well as to broaden their perspectives through professional internships.


Ten of them were specialised in nutrition, so they did internships related to the analysis of different types of food substances, mainly olive oil. In addition, eight students were introduced to the basics of biodynamic agriculture on a farm where olive trees, pistachios, honey and vineyards, among others, were cultivated.


In their free time, they took the opportunity to live new experiences by visiting incredible cities such as Cordoba and Baeza, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They also had the opportunity to learn some Spanish while tasting churros, visiting museums or interacting with the locals through different games. The students also made a study visit to an organic olive grove, where they discovered the best of organic food and sustainable agriculture.


All in all, these two weeks were filled with experiences and adventures, which were certainly put to good use by this group of Croatian students.


Marta Vuksanović

The first time I found out that I was going to Úbeda, I felt really excited about it and about my practice in a Spanish laboratory. I think that my expectations were exceeded and that they were correct because I was convinced of it when I arrived. For the first few days, I was adapting work and the beautiful town of Úbeda, various tours around old and famous works of art. My work in
the laboratory with Antonio is fun and time flied when we were doing what we love. I think this is a great experience for me for which I am grateful.

Petra Lišćuk

My opinion about this project is that coming to Úbeda was the best decision of my life. Its sights are gorgeous. I did internships in a biodynamic farm which was really interesting to me. Little by little, I was able to learn many new things about agriculture. The Spanish learn and fun programme and the activities organised by euromind were also interesting to me. I loved this project.



Project Details

Project Number: 2023-1-HR01-KA121-VET-000131207
Project title: Virtual Verde Tempus
Number of participants: 18
City and Country: Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Agriculture, All Projects, Laboratory
Agriculture, laboratory