Students from Kwidzyn, Poland, enjoy the beauty and charm of Úbeda once again | Euromind
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About This Project

Last November 2023 Úbeda once again welcomed talented students from Kwidzyn, Poland. A special relationship has been formed between the two cities due to the numerous projects carried out by this school in the epicentre of olive oil production. All of them were placed in different companies so that they could be fully involved in the professional and local culture.


IT technicians did internships in establishments where they were able to repair and fix different electronic devices. Logistics students were able to learn how warehouse management works in Úbeda. In addition, the accounting trainees were introduced to administrative tasks in different types of companies in the city.


The group, who spent four weeks in the city, not only established special relationships with the co-workers, but also with Spain, Andalusia and Úbeda by participating in different cultural activities. The activities were very diverse, for example, they participated in a programme where they were able to interact with locals, discover museums and taste traditional gastronomy while learning Spanish. In addition, these adventurers had the opportunity to explore new cities, such as Granada, where they got fascinated by its Moorish heritage, visiting the impressive Alhambra. They also travelled to Malaga, and delved into the work of Picasso, as well as strolling through its exotic and attractive streets.


To sum up, for 28 days, these young travellers lived a unique experience full of knowledge, new perspectives and stories to tell their families and friends. We wish them all the best friends!


Maja Groszewska

My internships in Spain were really fun and interesting for me because I learnt a lot of new things that are different from those in Poland. In my free time I used to go for walks outside to explore the city. The city has very charming streets and many interesting places to see, such as the olive oil museum. My favourite activity was tasting olive oil, it was something new to learn and I really enjoyed it.

Wiktoria Hals

In my opinion, Ubeda is a great place. It is a city rich in history and cultural heritage, which is reflected in numerous monuments and local traditions. Therefore, my favourite cultural activity was visiting the old town. Narrow streets, historic buildings – all this made the walk a journey back in time. The visit to the Olive Oil Interpretation Center also positively surprised me. The best part of being there was tasting the different types of olive oil. From then on, I will pay more attention to the olive oil I buy in the store.


Internships in a Spanish logistics company is an interesting experience. I learnt something new every day. I liked the fact that I could see what working in a warehouse looks like in practice and that I learnt things that may actually be useful to me one day. My colleagues and internship supervisor are incredibly helpful and understanding. I really like it there. This experience opens my eyes to the opportunities offered by the foreign labour market.

Kamil Chrościcki 

Before I went to Spain, I had many concerns about communication and whether I would find my way in this foreign country. Already after the first few days, all fears and worries were dispelled, and Ubeda welcomed us very warmly. This place has many interesting attractions to offer. Local people I had the opportunity to talk to were very friendly, helpful, and open to strangers. I thought that internships in a foreign country would be difficult for me due to the language barrier, but the openness of the people and the pleasant atmosphere quickly turned the challenge into a good time. I am pleased with the trip and feel that it has overcome my fear of new experiences.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-PL01-KA122-VET-000077159
Project title: Na dobry start
Number of participants: 15
City and Country: Kwidzyn, Poland

All Projects, Business Administration, IT, Logistics
accountancy, IT technician, logistcs