The Slovak group from the school Stredná Priemyselná škola carry out internships in the capital of Andalusia | Euromind
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About This Project

Ten young Slovaks arrived on 1 October to spend two weeks in Seville, fully immersing themselves in Spanish culture and customs.

Their internship took place in mechanical and electrical workshops and they were able to learn more and more things in the field.

In their free time, the students were able to explore Seville, its hidden corners and  its beautiful culture, while also learning some Spanish.

They also visited the English cape of Gibraltar.

Overall, it was a special time for them in which they were able to develop their skills in the working environment while also managing to combine leisure and fun in exploring the city.


Adam Piškanin

The practice in our company was nice, I had an option to learn things that are more new and the persons that we worked with them, they were very kind. They explained many new things so I think I had really luck to come to Seville and spend this time here. I liked a lot to spend this time also with my classmates and enjoy time in Spain.

Marián Haburaj

During this internship, I have been installing software, controlling software, controlling and repairing hardware. I have also been refilling ink in printer. I learned what software to use in order to show CPU temperature and speed of fans. I also learned how to apply new thermal paste on CPU and GPU. I learned installing and adjusting operating system. EuroMind Project SL Erasmus+ Final Report 7 At the company, I really like my tutor, who is experienced and optimistic. The workplace has nice temperature, great tools and it was well organized. The workplace was close to accommodation. I learned many new things. I met new people and explored a new city. In overall, it was great.



Project Details

Project Number: 2023-1-SK01-KA121-VET-000118586
Number of participants: 10
City and Country: Snina, Slovakia

All Projects, CNC, Electricians, IT
CNC, Electricians, IT