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About This Project

Six students from Cieszyn in Poland came to Úbeda for a two-week internship. The students trained as mechanics.


They had the opportunity to test their skills in companies involved in the manufacture, maintenance or repair of various equipment, from agricultural machinery to chimneys.


In their free time, as befits the Spanish summer, the students enjoyed the siesta, cooling off by the pool at the euromind residence and exploring Úbeda and its charming surroundings. Everyone was captivated by the proximity and power of nature at their fingertips.


The group also went on further sightseeing trips, including to Málaga, where they had the opportunity to learn about the history of Pablo Picasso’s city, experience the holiday atmosphere and find out whether it is better to swim in the Mediterranean or in a swimming pool.


We are sure that this trip will remain in your memories for a long time!


Jakub Fojcik

My name is Kuba. I wanted to go to Spain to learn about their culture, food, customs, and way of life. I worked at Chimeneas Joyma S.L., which builds fireplaces. I was surprised by the general calmness and rest time during work. I mainly did finishing work such as installing glass or packing stoves. In our free time, we all relaxed together in the city or the residential  pool. We also had two trips – one to Cordoba and one to Malaga. Personally, I preferred the trip to Malaga because of the landscapes surrounding the city and the number of historical places available to visit. After returning to Poland, I will definitely remember this trip very well, especially the people I worked with, their kindness, and warm welcome.

Konrad Salamon

My name is Konrad. I am a student in the 3rd grade of the mechanical engineering profile. It was very important to me to go on an internship to Spain because it was an opportunity to gain new experiences in the mechanical industry. It was also a chance to get to know the culture, traditions, architecture, and nature of Spain. I did my internship in the town of Ubeda, located in southern Spain, known mainly for olive oil production. I really liked the architecture of the old town in Ubeda, as well as the extensive olive groves. A big surprise for me was the very high temperature, reaching up to 44 degrees Celsius, and the late sunrises compared to Poland.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-PL01-KA121-VET-000054146
Number of participants: 6
Country: Cieszyn, Poland

All Projects, CNC
CNC, Mechanic