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About This Project

In August, a group of eight students from the Azores arrived for a month-long work placement in Úbeda. The students trained in the professions: IT, social worker, sports manager.


The IT students practised their skills by repairing hardware and taking part in servicing larger office equipment. Students in the sports management sector were able to find out that working in a gym is not only about being a personal trainer, but also about planning classes, organising events and administration. And students who worked in the social work sector spent their placements in the role of monitors for children and teenagers in holiday activities organised by the city of Úbeda.


In their free time, the students diligently attended a Spanish language course in order to be able to communicate more easily and efficiently in their new location.


In addition, free time was abundant with sightseeing and quietly exploring the surroundings with the best guides – the host families with whom the students stayed during their stay in Spain.


It was a month full of new experiences and pleasant memories!


César Maiato

I wanted to come to Spain because it is a country that has a language very similar to ours, and a slightly different culture, what I liked most about Spain was the fact that the weather is always good. The place where I interned was good, where my duties were to open computers, change memories and install programs.

Liane Almeida

This month in Spain I was able to have several extraordinary experiences such as visiting Úbeda and several of its heritage monuments, the mountain range, where I was able to swim in a river and have a picnic I went to Baeza to visit the city and also some monuments, I had the opportunity to get to know all my host family as children and siblings, Regarding my internship, I loved it, I had a lot of contact with the children and my relationship with my colleagues was spectacular! The Spanish classes were all amazing! Thank you for all the experiences!



Project Details

Project Title: Mobilidade Espanha 2023
Project Number: 2023-1-PT01-KA122-VET-000137532
Number of participants: 8
Country: Madalena do Pico, Portugal

All Projects, Child Care, IT, Social work, Sport
child care, IT, Social work, sport