An amazing group of Polish students came to evolve their metalworking skills in the lovely capital of Andalusia, Seville | Euromind
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About This Project

Students from Salezjańskie Szkoły Rzemiosł were hosted in the beautiful city of Seville for 2 weeks. The students came for an internship in the field of mechatronics, which was successfully completed. They were also able to develop their skills in handling CNC lathes and milling machines. During their internship, they had the opportunity to acquire more knowledge related to their field. They were even able to practice on how to do some manual programming using a computer. In addition, they learned how to design three-dimensional parts with CAD/CAM software and computer. The mechatronics had the opportunity to apply their experience and develop their skills in metalworking and CNC programming.


Kacper Motycki

I am a mechatronic from Salezjańskie szkoły rzemiosł and I spent a period as an apprentice in Seville. The place I worked in has many machines that helped us imagine how our future careers will be. Apprenticeship in Seville allowed me to learn how to use lathe and how to weld. In my opinion I got the chance to do my apprenticeship in an amazing environment with many machines that helped us practicing our jobs. Even though there were a few communication problems, I understood everything at the end. Overall, I recommend this trip and the collaboration with Euromind. I am really grateful for having been part of this project and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to do an internship abroad.

Stanisław Skibicki

I am a student in Salezjańskie Szkoły Rzemiosł on Mechatronics profile. Recently, I participated in an Erasmus program that took place in Seville and I did an apprenticeship related to industrial mechanization. We were mainly working on lathe machine. The biggest difference between my school in my country and the one in Seville is that here they have more machines. Truth be told, I found it very interesting because in my school we are working only on simulators while in my internships we were cutting, drilling, threading and cleaning and we had everything what was necessary to work properly. I am grateful for the opportunity to work abroad and more importantly in another language. I would love to participate in a similar project in the future and I totally recommend this experience with Euromind.



Project Details

Project Title: Rozwijanie zawodowych kompetencji młodzieży z wykorzystaniem nowoczesnych technologii
Project Number: 2022-1-PL01-KA122-VET-000077794
Number of participants: 15
City and Country: Łódź, Poland

All Projects, CNC, Mechatronic engineering
CNC, Mechanic, mechatronics