From Poland to Seville: Hands-On Technical Training for students in the fields of landscape architecture, logistics, mechatronics and refrigeration/air conditioning | Euromind
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About This Project

We welcomed a group of Polish students in Seville who participated in a professional internship program for three weeks during the months of April and May. The students were placed in various technical fields, including landscape architecture, logistics, mechatronics, and refrigeration/air conditioning.


Their main responsibilities as interns were organizing products in store and warehouse areas, using counters and applied knowledge of metrology while operating CNC machines and assisting with the assembly and connection of peripheral devices. Moreover, in the air conditioning field, they checked the condition and status of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and installed high-performance boilers.


The practical training that the students received in their chosen fields during the internship program will prove beneficial for their future career prospects.



I came to Spain through the EUROpractice project, which is implemented with European Union funds as part of the Vocational Education and Training sector in the Erasmus+ program. During my internship I could mostly learn about the production of trees, shrubs, and local vegetation. In addition to this, I planted new plants, fertilized them, and made small seedlings of previously weeded multiplates stored in polytunnels. I was impressed by the well-organized work environment and the pleasant atmosphere. Despite the language barrier, everyone was happy to show us and explain various issues that often differed from those in our country. I appreciated their willingness to get to know us, which made the internship enjoyable. I am grateful for this amazing and interesting learning experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to participate in such an exchange program. It is truly a great experience.


As part of the Erasmus program, I have been given the opportunity to do my internship in Spain. My main responsibilities included programming robots and creating simulations to test their functionality. I have found these tasks to be fascinating and I believe that the knowledge and skills I am gaining will be invaluable to my future career. In addition to my work, my fellow interns and I have been exploring the Spanish culture during our free time. As part of our cultural immersion, we have also been taking Spanish language courses to improve our communication with the locals. Overall, I would highly recommend this internship program to anyone who wants to gain hands-on experience in their field of study while also immersing themselves in a new and exciting culture.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-BE02-KA121-VET-000064803
Number of participants: 19
Country: Olkusz, Poland

All Projects, Electricians, Logistics, Mechatronic engineering, Shop Assistant, Tourism
air condition., landscape architecture, logistcs, mechatronics