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About This Project

Eight students from Centrum Kszałcenia Ustawicznego were welcomed to our breath-taking city, Seville, and successfully completed their three-week internship. The students came to acquire practical experience through the internship, in the fields of bakery and hairdressing. Throughout their internship, they learned about helping in the kitchen and watching how to make the recipe correctly and in the field of hairdressing they learned how to do hairstyles and how to make perfect tints. We’re proud to have equipped them with valuable skills and knowledge that will help them in their future career.


Daria Szubryczyńska

During the internship, I learned how to bake rolls, bread, sponge cakes, various types of cookies and cakes. We also had time to explore Seville, to attend a Spanish class and to travel (we went to Malaga and Cadiz!).

I highly recommend going on such an internship because one can learn a lot, spend a nice time and see a part of the world.

Marta Orylska-Daniszewska

I learned many useful tips and techniques. We also had Spanish lessons as well, that were very funny and engaging. During our free time we had the chance to discover Sevilla, its monuments and culture. Also, we went on a day trip to Cadiz (its fish market is a thing to remember). I really enjoyed my time here and I appreciated every opportunity that Euromind created!



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-PL01-KA122-VET-000078857
Number of participants: 8
City and Country: Torun, Poland

All Projects, Baker, Food Production, Gastronomy
baker, food industry. Gastronomy., Food production