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About This Project

In Jun a group of 16 students from Warsaw, were hosted by euroMind in Malaga to gain a 3-weeks internship as cooks, waiters, receptionists.
Each student got a unique experience, they were working in different companies and positions.
The receptionist was using reservation systems to do individual or group check-in and check-out procedures. Receiving orders from the hotel’s guests. Familiarizing with procedures that allow guests to lengthen or shorten their stay or to change their room to another one. Updating systems regarding the availability of hotel rooms. Providing guests with tourist information.


Cooks were preparing the ingredients for consumption or cooking. Washing, peeling, cutting fruit and vegetables as well as cutting meat. Checking the quality of food, tasting, smelling, punching with utensils, etc. Weighing, measuring, and mixing ingredients according to recipes and personal judgment with the use of available kitchen appliances and equipment. Adjusting the temperature of other kitchen equipment depending on the dishes being prepared. Seasoning and cooking meals according to recipes, personal judgment, or experience, using.


Waiters were setting tables with clean linen or placemats, cutlery, crockery, and glasses. Welcoming, seating customers, and handing them menus. Talking to guests about the menu and drinks and recommending combinations. Promoting local products and attractions to visitors from Spain and from overseas. Taking customers’ orders and passing them to kitchen staff or bar attendants. Serving food and drinks. Collecting table reservations. Clearing tables and returning dishes and cutlery to the kitchen.



Trainees were traveling around the Andalusia region. They were lucky to visit two of the most beautiful cities. Trainees have participated in a trip to Córdoba, a city in Andalucía, southern Spain. The city was conquered by Muslim armies in the eighth century and became the capital of the Islamic Emirate and then Caliphate of Córdoba, including most of the Iberian Peninsula. In the 10th century, Córdoba was considered the most populous city in the world and the center of education as it had many libraries, medical schools, and universities.


Also, students visited Ronda. Ronda is a charming village located in the Andalusian mountains. During the day-trip, the students were able to see the beautiful scenery surrounding Ronda including its well-preserved old town which has Arab Baths, defence walls, and small churches. The trainees also got to visit the World’s oldest bullfighting ring which is used only once a year, and they learned about the history of this controversial tradition in the bullring’s museum.


Students get sufficient Spanish courses with our Spanish teacher, we put emphasis on practice, so during lessons students play a lot, because we think the game is the best teacher. Spanish classes can be described in two words: dynamic and practical. That is why, after intensive and hard learning, the students had written an exam. All the participants passed with very good results!


Elżbieta Goluch

I work in very  nice restaurant next to the popular Mercado Central de Atarazanas. The restaurant is not the biggest, but it is cosy and pretty. I worked there as a waitress. In the first week, I learned how to take orders and operate a cash register. In the second week, I learned how to prepare different types of coffees. While the third week, I noticed that I could understand more Spanish, and it is easier to communicate with a client that does not speak English very well. I really like working in this place. Thanks to the crowds and a lot of things happening in the restaurant it is so much stuff to do, but thanks to that it is a great lesson and place to get so much experience. The people that I work with, are very helpful and open. I really enjoy my practice, I am thankful for the opportunity of working here, and forgetting to know new people and new things.



Sandra Piątkowska

I was doing my internship in a cozy hostel in the centre of Malaga. Working in different departments I could see how the different sectors of the hostel worked.  My duties included checking guests in and out, preparing breakfast, cleaning rooms, and solving any doubts customers may have. On-site helped me a very nice receptionist, Pablo, who familiarized me with the hotel reservation system. I also took care of nice and friendly atmosphere. I lived in a clean and cozy residence on a daily basis. We were provided with meals for the whole day, there is something for everyone. In our free time, we also had the opportunity to visit other Spanish cities such as Ronda, Cordoba, or Granada. Coming here I got to know the lifestyle of Spaniards, their customs, regional dishes. Working abroad is a great experience and opportunity to improve foreign languages.




 Stanisław Siekierka

Hello, I would like to show you what I was doing during the entire 4 weeks of my trip. During my internship, I worked in a hostel located in the old part of the city.  I weighed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases there.  I put them in a warehouse.  I cleaned and made the beds.    I helped at the reception with customer service.  In my spare time, I used to hang out at the beach.  I was integrating with new people from all over the world.  We played basketball, volleyball, beach ball and table tennis.  I visited various monuments and museums. We hiked in the mountains and watched movies in the dining room. I find the whole trip interesting and educational.  It allows you to open up to a new language






Project Details

Project Titl: Współcześni Kolumbowie. Zagraniczna praktyka zawodowa w kolebce kultury iberyjskiej
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-080636
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Warsaw

All Projects, Food Production, Gastronomy, Hotel Industry, Restaurant industry
cook, food industry. Gastronomy., receptionist, waiter