Students from Krasnystaw (Poland) experience the magic of Seville through professional internships | Euromind
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About This Project

In November 2022 the group of 15 excellent students from Zespól Szkól Nr 1 im. Tadeusza Kościuszki w Krasnymstawie came to Seville to carry out a 2-week internship in three sectors: cooks, car mechanics and economy.


Students had practices in different companies in the capital of Andalusia .  The cooks had a chance to try their best in Spanish cuisine and got to know new receipts like salmorejo, iberian ham croquets or how to clean properly the seafood. Car mechanics were occupied with carrying out maintenance tasks and basic repairs of a car, such as changing the oil, adjusting tyres and many more. The last but not less important group of economy students were working with printing, photocopying, doing the segregation of documents and adding new info in the database.


After practice, group were exploring the narrow streets of Seville, museums and they could enjoy Córdoba , where they fall in love with flowered courtyards of the Jewish Quarter. Moreover, they tried local cuisine and took part in Spanish classes.


Hope they’ll remember this adventure for a long time!


Amelia Łepik

Hello my name is Amelia and I’m from Poland. I learnt to be as a technician economist. I came to Spain
and moreover to Sevilla for 2 weeks internship. Together with three girls, we helped with simple
office work every day. The people working in our workplace are very. In Sevilla I used to go
out every day and discover new things. For instance, we went to taste
churros which were really delicious. We were also in Cordoba where it was also beautiful, totally
different than in Sevilla, we were also in Cadiz. I hope that I will be able to go on such a trip and
I encourage everyone. I highly recommend to participate in such a project.

Wojciech Weremko

My name is Wojtek, my profession is Nutrition Technician and Gastronomy Services. It is the first time I
came to an internship in Sevilla with the cooperation with Erasmus +. My job is very exciting, the
atmosphere an the people are great. Tutors translate all dishes to me from beginning to end. I prepared dishes
such as: Paella, Salmorejo, crocetas, prawns in olive oil with garlic, Tortilla with Whiskey sauce and
chef’s octopus. After coming to Spain, I was very surprised how people are open to us. We had all sorts
of excursions such as Tapas Evening, Flamenco, Cordoba, and Alcazar. It is a great place to learn and
develop in a given profession.



Project Details

Project Title: Europejskie staże zawodowe - Zetka w Hiszpanii - Edycja II
Project Number: 2022-1-PL01-KA122-VET-000075841
Number of participants: 15
Country: Krasnystaw, Poland

All Projects, Business Administration, Car mechanics, Gastronomy
Administrative Assistant, Car mechanic, cook