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About This Project

In July 2019, an ambitious group of 18 students came from Zamość to do their internship in the capital of Andalusia. They gained professional experience working for three weeks as geodetic surveyors, waiters and cooks.


The main tasks performed by the first group of Polish students were: planning the stages of a topographic project and taking readings of bases, slope changes and interest points of the project. They also calculated different types of coordinates and created a Digital Terrain Model. The second group worked in the food industry; their main responsibilities were comprised of preparing the ingredients, serving food and drinks, learning about typical Spanish cuisine and local specialties, etc.


Additionally, they learnt the basics of Spanish during an intensive language course provided by euroMind. The interns also visited the most beautiful places in Spain during the Seville tour and the several trips to Granada, Gibraltar, Cadiz. They had a chance to travel to Portugal and spent a nice day on a beach in Tavira.




 Agata Greszta

What I liked the most during my internship was that I learnt something new related to the profession I am learning. There was always a nice atmosphere. Our Tutor was very helpful. The worst was high temperature, but fortunately we worked in the park, and we could hide in the shade of trees.

Daniel Pełech

Basically I liked everything about my work. The atmosphere, teamwork and involvement of the people in group was great, the tutor was very helpful, friendly and forgiving.

Zuzanna Wojczuk

In my work I liked the atmosphere and how easily I communicated with my tutor. I felt good there. I really recommend this place to everyone.

Julia Jakubiak

What I liked the most about my work was how open people were to each other. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I liked the atmosphere and food.



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyka czyni mistrza
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-037576
Number of participants: 18
Country: Zamosc, Poland

All Projects, Food Production, Gastronomy, Geodetic Surveying, Restaurant industry
food industry. gastronomy. geodetic surveying, Food production