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About This Project

In July 2019 a group of 18 motivated students from Śrem, Poland, was greeted by euroMind team in Seville. The aim of their 2-weeks internship was to gain professional experience in the fields of graphic design and geodesy. All of them had a chance to get the most out of their time in Spain.


At first the group of graphic designers was introduced to Unity: installation and basic elements of Unity architecture. With this, they could start working on montage of scenes: creating and modifying scenes, using camera and Prefab light system, importing and employing 3D models and creating land in order to use it as a base for the game. With the time they were given more advanced tasks such as creating animations in Unity or adding interactive interfaces to the game. What is more, they had a chance to learn how to design a silhouette and edit images and silhouette in Photoshop. At the end they worked on adding and editing materials and colors in Maya and applying them correctly in Unity 3D. All this provided them some crucial skills in their future careers.


On the other hand, the group employed in geodesy got familiar with the working methodology of the geodetic surveyors. They were responsible for planning the stages of a topographic project and creating topographic bases. Later on the interns were taking readings of bases, slope changes and interest points of the project. On the base of their findings they had to calculate the different types of coordinates and import data from EXCEL into AutoCAD, so they got to know the important program used in geodesy.


But moreover, they got to know different instruments used to create a Digital Terrain Model and designed local topographic networks. Besides this practical work they also did some administrative tasks, like creating reviews and reports, therefore their intern was full and wide in the skills they were internalizing.


The participants also worked on their language abilities as they were provided with an intensive Spanish course. The teachers made sure the classes were fun and interactive, so everyone could learn and practice in an engrossing way.  However, the students had also some free time to enjoy their stay in Spain. In Seville, Andalusian capitol full of history and culture, they took a tour around the city, where they got to know Spanish tradition better. Additionally, they also went to Cadiz to enjoy day at the beach.


Finally, the internship was a success for everyone and definitely a great time for each participant.


Zuzanna Jędryczkowska

Since we entered Seville, I fell in love with this city. We have visited a lot of interesting sights of it. However, the main purpose of the trip was the practice at Host Organization, where I gained experience in 3D graphics, and all the classes were very interesting, so I could learn a lot from them. We also learned the basics of the Spanish language.

Mateusz Fludra

While staying in Seville, I had the opportunity to learn about AutoCAD. SO definitely during my internship I have learned a lot of new things. My teacher from geodesy, Raul, was a very helpful man and he made the classes joyful. I also liked the Spanish culture a lot, which I had a chance to get familiar with.



Project Details

Project Title: I Ty możesz zostać fachowcem grafiki na rynku międzynarodowym
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048050
Number of participants: 18
Country: Poland, Śrem

All Projects, Geodetic Surveying, Graphic Design, video games
Geodetic Surveying, Graphic design, Video games