Dressmakers, hairdressers, cooks and tourist information officers visit Ubeda to gain more professional experience | Euromind
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About This Project

In July 2019 a group of students from Biłgoraj in Poland was welcomed in Ubeda as they came to start their internships in different places such as the tailor workshop, restaurants, a hairdressing salon and tourist offices. All of them were ready to develop new skills and gain professional experience together with improving their Spanish language and getting to know Spanish culture.


The students taking part in Dressmaking Group Training were performing the stitches manually and using the sewing machine, they were learning how to draw fashion figures, they were fitting, altering, repairing, and making the tailor made clothing such as wedding dresses, according to customers’ specifications and fit. Moreover, they were repairing or replacing defective garment parts and cutting fabric with scissors according to the pattern. The cooks were learning about the typical Spanish cuisine, tapas, and local specialties, assisting in planning and coordinating work in the kitchen, developing their cooking skills by cooking and preparing the meals. The hairdressers, on the other hand were washing customers´ heads and getting it ready for cutting or other treatments required, assisting in hair lightening and discoloration. Working in the tourist offices, girls were learning about the culture and history of the region and the tourist offer of the city, assisting tourists in visits organized in the museums and updating the website and social media of the company.


Besides working hard on improving their professional skills, the group had the chance to visit Baeza, which is considered the most beautiful city of Jaen province. All of them were amazed by the views of olive groves. They also went on a trip to Malaga, seeing the most famous places of the city, taking photo with Picasso and finally sunbathing on the beach. During their visit in the Center of Interpretation of Olive Oil in Ubeda, they learnt how to distinguish many types of olive oils and how to choose the best quality ones. In Synagogue of Water they got to know the Jewish traditions and their legacy still visible in many parts of the city. Every trainee left Spain with the hope of coming back soon!



Łucja Pituch


Being in Spain, I really got to like the lifestyle of Spanish people. I am impressed with how nice and understanding they are to us. I also like to work in a tailor shop, where I do my internship. There is a nice atmosphere there, everyone is smiling and full of positive energy. In general, I just love Ubeda.


Hubert Popik


The internship in sunny Spain is a great idea, especially when you have the possibility to spend time in Ubeda. Our coordinators help us with everything and show us the huge part of this beautiful country, getting to know new cities and their most famous monuments. In the residence, you can feel at home. My tutor is great and I would like to come back here again, but this time for longer!


Piotr Magdziarz


The most incredible thing about our stay in Spain is the possibility to see how does life look like here, get to know new people and visit the beautiful city of Ubeda. I have an internship at the restaurant where I can learn many useful and interesting things about regional food and Spanish culture. It is an amazing experience and I really hope to come here again.




Project Details

Project Title: Europejskie doświadczenie - podstawą sukcesu
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049502
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Biłgoraj

All Projects, Fashion Design, Gastronomy, Hairdressing, Tourism
cook, Cooking, cuisine, dressmaker, Flamenco Dress, gastronomy, tourism