Talented and creative trainees develop their professional skills in Seville in digital sectors! | Euromind
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About This Project

A group of 31 students from NEXT Uddannelse København (Denmark) carried out their 2-week internship in Seville as Film makers, Video Games developers and artistic graphics designers. The group could improve their professional skills under the supervision of tutors.


They worked on various projects related to their studies. In the end they could enjoy their results. Film making students developed their knowledge in video editing and programs such as Adobe and Photoshop. Video Game developers created in small groups their own game and artistic graphics designers had different tasks related to digital design. They learnt also about industry behind graphic design. We are proud of you!


In their free time, the students had opportunity to immerse in Spanish culture trying local cuisine as well as the capital of Andalusia and its impressive streets.


Hannah Tinh Jakobi

I have really enjoyed my trip in Sevilla. This internship has been a dream come true. Sevilla is such a beautiful city, and I love its warm weather. I loved walking around the city and in our area. The cathedral was such a beautiful building, and our Sevilla tour was very nice.

Working at the company has been such a nice time, and Ruben was so nice!

I am so happy that I got learn new programs and techniques within the internship and working assignments.

I have learned a lot about digital design, and the importance of “simple and clean design”.

I will definitely come back to Sevilla, and I truly hope to experience more of the culture and beautiful surroundings.

Malika Julie Jensen Kosack

For the past 2 weeks I have been a trainee in a creative studio. It has been very exciting and educational. During the internship period, we worked in small groups on self-selected film/photo projects. We mainly worked independently, but Carlos, our mentor, was always ready to guide us and answer questions. He also made short learning sessions, where he shared knowledge on which programs to use for editing and information about film equipment etc.  My group produced a short film on the theme of AI. It tells the story of a boy who falls in love with a girl he meets on Tinder, but the girl turns out to be a robot.



Project Details

Project Number: KA102-2020-010
Number of participants: 28
Country: Copenhagen, Denmark

All Projects, Graphic Design, IT, Photography
Graphic design, IT programmer, Photography, Video games