From Olsztyn to Seville: a group of Polish students came to evolve their knowledge in the sectors of logistic, marketing, IT and graphic design | Euromind
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About This Project

Euromind Sevilla has recently welcomed a group of 20 students from Zespół Szkół Ekonomiczno Handlowych nr 2 Olsztyn for 2 intensive weeks. They evolved their skills in the fields of logistic, marketing, IT and graphic design.


During their practice, they had the chance to gain more knowledge in organizing products in stores, handling the system for different goods and supplies and supporting sale process and sending. Moreover, those who did their practice in graphic design and marketing learned how to manage social networks, develop web pages and use graphic editing programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  In addition to this, IT students have gained experience in computer systems, networks, hardware and software installation and maintenance.


We hope they will remember this experience for a long time 🙂 We wish them all the best in their professional careers, as they deserve.


Justyna Biella

Thanks to the Erasmus+ program, I had the opportunity to take an active part in this project and go to Spain for two weeks in order to do vocational training. My colleagues and I worked in a store focused on carnival costumes and accessories for all kinds of events. This is a place full of wonderful people, positive energy and Spanish melodies that made our work here enjoyable.


The store has an extensive assortment and, already on the first day, we had the opportunity to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with it and see the warehouse. We spent the next few days putting the costumes in the right places. Frequent visits to the warehouse allowed us to observe the logistical processes and the course of order processing. Our main task during the internship was to replace damaged product price labels, with the help of a tablet and a barcode scanner.


I think one of the non-obvious but most important benefits that our internship brought us is the consolidation of the Spanish language. Contact with the names of products in a foreign language, working on devices programmed in a foreign language allowed us to learn not only new skills, but also a huge vocabulary of Spanish.


As part of the Erasmus+ project, I participated in a two-week IT internship at an IT company in Seville. The goal of the internship was to broaden my skills and gain practical experience in the field.


Upon arrival at the residence, we were given a tour and Mrs. Iza presented us the rules and regulations. After settling in, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and went on a tour. During our free time, we enjoy wonderful views and we eat. Moreover, if we had any problems, we could count on the quick help of Mrs. Iza.
During the project, we visited two wonderful cities, Cadiz and Cordoba, Mrs. Iza and Spyros provided us with beautiful descriptions during the tours.


In this internship, I had the opportunity to meet very competent people who taught me something new every day. In summary, the IT internship in Seville was a very valuable experience for me, allowing me to gain practical knowledge and skills while working with various technologies and IT tools, as well as learning about the principles of working in a professional IT environment.


I am convinced that the knowledge and skills I have gained will be very helpful in my future career as a programmer. Thanks to all the people involved in the project.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-PL01-KA121-VET-000064603
Number of participants: 20
Country: Olsztyn, Poland

All Projects, Graphic Design, IT, Logistics, Marketing
Graphic design, IT, logistcs, marketing