From Giżycko to Úbeda: Polish students trained in IT, economy, mechatronics and car repairs | Euromind
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About This Project

In April, a group of 26 students from Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych i Informatycznych in Giżycko visited Úbeda. They spent two weeks practicing as car mechanics, IT specialists, economists and mechatronics.


The mechanics worked in workshops, where they mainly dealt with repairing individual customers’ cars or trucks of transport companies. Economists, on the other hand, gained experience in various types of companies, such as a law firm or a training company, where they entered invoices into the system and carried out archiving. The IT specialists had a variety of tasks. Starting from assembling computers and configuring operating systems to microsoldering small parts in mobile phones under a microscope. The mechatronics had equally responsible tasks as the rest of the apprentices. They repaired, improved and built specialized equipment and machines.


After work, they attended a Spanish course🇪🇸 where they learned the necessary phrases of everyday life, variations of basic verbs and many other useful things. This was pointed out by employers who appreciated their willingness to communicate in the local language.


When they had free time, they did not sit idly and actively visited and got to know the culture of host city, which by the way was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is distinguished by beautiful Renaissance buildings. On the first weekend they also went on a full-day trip to Granada, where they could see many monuments such as the Alhambra palace complex or the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


In this way, students of the technical school in Giżycko completed internships with a lot of experience and new skills. All the trainees coped perfectly and we are sure that this trip will remain in their memory for a long time.

Katarzyna Turcza

I wanted to go to Spain mainly to gain new knowledge, but also to get to know the culture of people living there. Úbeda, the city of our practices, where we stayed for these 2 weeks, was beautiful, the views of the huge olive fields and mountains made you want to sit and watch them. During the internship, despite my fears, I was received very well, the people there were wonderful as well as working with them. I learned a lot of information about photocopiers where I mainly worked, repairing, maintaining and configuring them. I think that thanks to the people I was there with and the atmosphere we all created together, I will remember this trip for a very long time.


Wiktor Brusiło

My stay in Spain was really wonderful and gave me many unforgettable experiences. I worked as a truck mechanic. My job was to diagnose and repair trucks or buses. Practice in Spain was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I can recommend participating in programmes like that and wholeheartedly encourage you to give it a try. Thanks to this, I managed to better understand the culture, languages and people of Spain.

Kamil Kornak

I am very happy that I went to Spain. I really enjoyed the weather and those beautiful views. I was working as a technical specialist in a mobile phone service. In my free time I was sightseeing a lot. I also loved the trip to Granada



Project Details

Project number: 2022-1-PL01-KA121-VET-000061856
Number of participants: 26
Country: Giżycko, Poland

All Projects, Business Administration, Car mechanics, CNC, IT, Mechatronic engineering
administration, Car mechanics, CNC, Economy, IT, it specialist, IT technician, mechatronics