Croatian students being architects of the future - creating bioclimatic houses in Málaga | Euromind
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About This Project

17 students from Slavonski Brod and Dubrovnik (Croatia) spent two weeks in Málaga, doing their internship in the Bioclimatic House sector. The activities they carried out focused on 3D technical drawing, using programs such as Autocad, and the possibility of using 3D printers.


All the students participated in the project with a positive attitude and willingness to get involved. During their studies, they had already the opportunity to learn Autocad, but with this experience, they approached 3D technical drawing for the first time.


Step by step, at the end of the internship, all the students, with the help and knowledge of the tutors, were able to produce 3D compositions and print them out.


The group stayed in a euromind residence in Málaga. After work and in their free time, they enjoyed spending time together on the residence’s terraces, sharing thoughts, listening to music, and chilling.


On the weekends, the group went on two excursions. In Granada, the students had the opportunity to visit the symbol of this city, the most visited historical monument in Spain, the magnificent Alhambra complex. On the second trip, to Sevilla, the capital of Andalusia, the participants had the opportunity to get to know Plaza de España, La Giralda, and all the beautiful corners that this city can offer.


How to discover and be fully immersed in Spanish culture?!


The students saw a flamenco show and took part in a Flamenco masterclass where they had the opportunity to get closer to Spanish folklore and culture. Additionally, the group also went for tapas to experience Spanish gastronomy.


It was a real plunge into the Spanish way of life!


We are extremely satisfied with the work of the students, and at the same time, we hope to have left them an unforgettable memory!


We look forward to having you back!



Luna  Žitković

I wanted to go to Spain because I really wanted to explore their culture and that is exactly what I managed to do because of you so thank you for that. One thing that surprised me the most is how passionate, and kind Spanish people are. Internship was amazing and tutors were very supportive and of course kind like everybody else. We all made new friends not just from Croatia. I would be very grateful if I could repeat this experience.

Rina Gugić

I wanted to go to Spain to learn about the culture and more about my profession and I got exactly that. I learned everything without difficulty thanks to the tutors and I had fun doing it as well. I learned so much about Spain and visited so many beautiful places and I enjoyed my trip overall!

Andrea Vačić

We learned more every day and it was very interesting to me. I learned some things I didn’t even know I could do. At first, it was a little harder for me to work 3D in Autocad until I realized how everything works. We also worked in Home 3D and learned how a 3D printer works. The Euromind team is a wonderful team and thank you very much for making this possible for us. If it wasn’t for you I probably would never have seen Malaga or Seville or Granada. I’ve also made many wonderful friends.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-HR01-KA121-VET-000063542
Number of participants: 17
Country: Slavonski Brod, Croatia

All Projects, Construction
Architecture, Construction