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About This Project

A group of 16 students from Warsaw spent the peak of the summer season, July/August, in Úbeda. The future IT professionals came for a month-long internship, to gain new experience and learn about Spanish culture.


They worked in various IT-related positions. They have been involved in programming, web design (from 0 or modifying the already existing ones), as well as servicing all electronic equipment, and network installation. Some worked independently and some in tandems, such as two of our students whose task for the month was to programme an interactive screen in the conference centre.


They stayed at the euromind residence in Úbeda, where they enjoyed delicious home-cooked food each day and, in their free time, took a dip in the pool or played basketball on the court located on the premises.


What’s more, the students also attended a Spanish language course and were able to test the newly acquired skills at work and in their free time. The group spent their free time exploring the region, going on an excursion to, among other places, Málaga, where they were enthralled by the beach and the Mediterranean climate. They also took part in a churros-making workshop.


Hopefully the memories of this month will remain with the participants at the forefront of their best memories and that they will want to return to the country of Cervantes and Picasso rather sooner than later.


Rafał Mironko

I faced many challenges during my internship, including new tasks and a language barrier. However, thanks to the experience and knowledge of my tutor, I was able to achieve my goals and fulfil my tasks. Participating in the project allowed me to try many things for the first time, both related to my work and my leisure time.

Stanisław Nowakowski

Interships in Spain were a big chance for me to learn new things. I worked in a company that deals with the repair of electronic equipment. I learned how to repair mobile phones and honed my computer servicing skills. It was a really valuable experience.

Piotr Łukasik

The driving force behind my participation in the Erasmus programme was gaining experience, not just work experience but also of the cultural and social kind. The thing I liked most about Spain was how open the people were, especially when it came to our tutors. While at the repair shop, where I did my internship, my tasks were to diagnose, clean or repair electronics, from PCs and smartphones to printers and handheld radios. The part of our stay in Spain I will remember the most is definitely the region we stayed at, not just Úbeda, but Andalusia in general, it was worth it, for just the sights alone.



Project Details

Project Title: Umiejętności o wartości dodanej - Praktyki na plus
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01-KA116-079554
Number of participants: 16
Country: Warszawa, Poland

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