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About This Project

At the start of April of 2016, 12 young Belgian trainees made their way to Seville in order to take part in a unique traineeship that will greatly improve their professional skills and help them encounter an interesting profession in the future. The students are trained in distinct work fields: IT, marketing, public relations, fashion and administration. All of them were employed at various local host companies.


Their main tasks (across the different working fields) included the following:


  • Delivering computers to professors
  • Setting up wireless network
  • Searching for travel agencies in Belgium
  • Giving tourist information and administrative tasks
  • Registration of bookings
  • Search for potential clients across Europe
  • Stitching garment bags
  • Fix hardware and software problems on computer


During their stay, the trainees managed to successfully complete their internships at their respective host companies, while learning valuable social, professional and linguistic skills in the process. Apart from their hard work, they had enough spare time to become acquainted with Seville and its wonderful surroundings. The group also went on an entertaining trip to Córdoba.



Emely Bats:

‘The hotel where I did my internship was very cosy and it was typical of Spain. Everyone was very friendly and they helped me where needed. They tried to speak Spanish as clearly and slowly as possible so I managed to learn a bit more about the language. They were also very curious about Belgium and they learned a few Dutch words from me.’


Sara Claessens:

‘I am doing an internship at Naturanda. The people who work there are all really friendly. I went on a tour with Naturanda to Italica and that was a great opportunity, When I’m at the office I am handed a lot of tasks. My colleagues and I communicate in English. The customers speak Spanish, English, French… I think it’s a very interesting workplace.’



Project Details

Project Title: SUI-Abroad - Sterk in ondernemen! Join us in learning
Project Number: 2015-1-BE02-KA102-012125
Number of participants: 12
City & country: Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Belgium)

All Projects, Business Administration, IT, Marketing, Telecommunications, Tourism