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About This Project

From 3rd to 10th April, we had the enjoyable visit from 8 Croatians teachers of vocational education. The teachers of mechanics and electronics visited three centers of vocational education and a solar power plant to learn all about the Spanish teaching methods. From the feedback we received, the experience seemed to have been very interesting to them and they left Seville with new ideas to implement in their own center.


Some of their impressions:


‘We noticed a lot of interesting solutions in their workshops that can be applied in ours. The most interesting are their panels for electrical installations that are intended for each practical application in different parts of facilities where electrical installation is to be installed. We have recently started building similar ones in our school workshops and the insight in their solutions will help us in some aspects.’

‘We will implement some good practice examples when making written teaching materials and auxiliary teaching means in order to make vocational contents easier to adopt. We will use the idea of e–buggy when creating a program for EU students mobility in our school. All good practice examples, as well as benefits of Spanish educational system and Erasmus+ project will be presented to Croatian teaching colleagues through county professional conferences and to public through media.’

‘This school has many great workshops for car, aircraft and helicopter disassembly. The workshops are spacious with lots of specialized equipment, especially for airplane engines. The school also has good computer science classrooms. We are informed that they have agreements with multinational companies like Cisco and Microsoft who donate them hardware and software equipment.’



Project Details

Project Title: Clean Energy for Nicer Europe
Project Number: 2015-1-HR01-KA102-012933
Number of participants: 8
City & country: Šibenik (Croatia)

All Projects, Car mechanics, Electricians, VET Teachers