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About This Project

In April of 2016, 10 female Polish hairdressers left their home town in order to come to Sevilla and take part in an interesting three-week internship. During their traineeship at different local hairdressing salons that were given the unique opportunity to improve their practical skills whilst working abroad and serving a different clientele.


Their main tasks included:


  • Washing hair applying the scalp massage techniques
  • Assisting the hairdresser during procedures by handing instruments and products
  • Providing the colouring treatment
  • Learning new hair styling techniques on the training mannequins’ head
  • Learning new hair colouring techniques on the training mannequins’ head
  • Observation of the keratin streightening technique


At the salons the students showed their enthusiasm and managed to successfully fulfill all their responsibilities, whilst improving their linguistic skills in the process. But apart from work, the entire group also went on a number of cultural activities: a.o. a tour of Sevilla and a trip to Málaga.



Natalia Żurawska:

‘I’m very happy with the traineeship. The atmosphere at my work was really encouraging and helped me to improve my skills. All the workers had a very positive attitude towards me. Even though we had some minor problems due to the language barrier, we could communicate with each other very well. The boss was very involved in my training, and I’m very grateful for that. If I could recommend to someone this salon for the practice, I would do that with a big smile, because it’s really worth it.’


Oliwia Jeżewska:

‘I’m very happy with the practice I have done here. I have learnt a lot from it, even though there were minor problems with regards to the communication. The boss was putting a lot of effort into our training and she showed us a lot of new techniques. Thanks to her aid I have gained a lot more knowledge and skills which will be very helpful with regards to my future professional work. The atmosphere was very nice and it really helped me to improve my skills. I was always going to work with a big smile on my face.’



Project Details

Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-016122
Number of participants: 10
City & country: Olsztyn (Poland)

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