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About This Project

In August 2019 euroMind greeted a group of students who came to Seville for two weeks. The aim of their visit was to gain professional experience as geodetic surveyors with drones during an internship in a Host Orgnization.


The interns had a chance to get to know the regulations in Spain and the EEC, the different options of drone models and the basics of photogrammetry. Moreover, they were learning how to plan flights according to requirements, applying image processing, placing GCPs and also arrying out a real data collection and obtaining photos for further editing. Furthermore, they were learning how to segment large work and how to deal with different blocks through various methodologies.


euroMind team provided the participants with an intensive Spanish course, where they could practice their communication skills and get the basics of new language. In their free time they had a chance to try traditional Spanish tapas and take a tour around center of beautiful Seville. During the weekends the group went on short trips – to Cadiz, Malaga and even across the Portugese border – to Faro. All this made their stay in Spain an unforgettable time!


Weronika Urbaniak

In my opinion, trip to Spain was a great experience and gave me a chance to get a knowledge about another culture and gain experience. The practical lessons were interesting and allowed me to learn how surveying in Spain looks like. I`m glad that I had opportunity to visit many beautiful places, gain knowledge and learn Spanish. I liked the most outdoor lessons, where I could operate the drone. I think the trip was very successful and I will remember it with a smile on my face.

Sandra Chojnacka

Thanks to Erasmus I improved my English skills, and I learned the Spanish language. I learned to use new technology – drones and programs created for this Mission Planner, airsoft metaphase professional. I met new wonderful people. I got to know the local culture and traditional dish. In my opinion, Erasmus was a great experience. I’m glad I took part in it.


Katarzyna Kowalewska

I am glad that I could participate in the project thanks to which I gained new experience. I met many wonderful, open people and their culture. The internships were satisfactory and interesting. The language barrier was not a problem, it was possible to communicate and get along. I learned a few new programs and the basics of photogrammetry. Learning Spanish was excellent. Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the project and for get many great memories.




Project Details

Project Title: Praktyki zawodowe - dobra inwestycja w przyszłość
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048574
Number of participants: 17
Country: Łódź, Poland

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Drones, Geodetic Surveying