Croatian electronic programmers become drone experts after two week internships in Seville | Euromind
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About This Project

A group of 15 students from Industrijsko-obrtnička škola Šibenik (Industry and Crafts School Šibenik) came from Croatia to Seville on February. They carried out 2-week internship as Electronic Programmers for Drones.

During their internship, they learnt how to build a drone from scratch. Besides they used Arduino with JAVA and got to know the principles of API. They had to create a joystick to control the drone flight and to prepare a multimeter presentation on LCD screen. They had an opportunity to control a drone after having configured and tested flights with drones.

In their free time, they enjoyed the city of Seville and other historical places. They had a great trip to Gibraltar, where they discovered local monkeys and the beaufty of this Natural Park. Also during the weekend, they visited Malaga, where they could enjoy their time in the beach. They also explored the local culture by trying typical Spanish dishes.


Luka  Mikulandra

While in the internship in Seville, I used laptops for programming and building maquettes for building a drone, soldering components on drones, and building them. While in Seville I learned to use two programs: Cut2D, and mission planner, I also learned more about drones. I like how It is quite isolated from the rest and it is really quiet to work there. I really like the methods that our mentor used to teach he explains everything in detail and if you did not do something right he explains everything over again. As I mentioned in the previous answer I quite liked the workplace and the work environment was good, but I didn’t like only one thing and that is that the workplace is very far away to b traveling there every day by bus. In the internship in Seville, I think that I gained a lot of new experience and I think everybody should experience this at least once.


Lovre Mučalo

We did tasks in the program Cut2d which is a program to construct drones, we did soldering tasks and attaching the parts of the drone.  I was working in the program Cut2t and controlling and working with the drone. That there are not many people working there so it is not crowdy and we have one floor for us to work. Our mentor is very good at what he does. He explains things very easily and does not mind when we ask him a lot of questions. The positives are that there are not many people and a lot of space and tools and the only negative is that it is very far.  The internship in Seville is very useful if you are interested in electronics and drones. The practice is very good too.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-HR01-KA121-VET-000064926
Number of participants: 15
Country: Šibenik, Croatia

All Projects, Electronics
Drones, Electronic, programmer