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About This Project

A talented group of 8 students from from Gymnázium a Střední průmyslová škola elektrotechniky a informatiky Frenštát p. R., p. o. from Czech Republic came to Seville in February to carry out their 2-week internship in a company related to drones designing.

The boys got to know the working procedures of drones production and they dealt with their programming. The students had also an opportunity to soldering, welding, and to trying out flight simulator. At the end of their internship they could participate in performing drone’s final test! The students gained a lot of professional knowledge and skills they will be able to use in the future.

After practice, they could enjoy historical center of capital of Andalusia and experience Spanish life. They visited, among others, Real Alcazar, Metropol Parasol, Plaza de España, Aquarium or Museo de Bellas Artes. At weekends the group visited Cordoba where they could discover the beauties of the history of the Arab occupation or the Romans. They were also catching rays of sunshine and spending time with their peers. Moreover, their afternoon free time was enriched with Spanish language course! We hope you came back home with a lot of memories.

Marek Růža

I was a little apprehensive about the internship in Spain, but I knew right after arriving and after the first day at work that it will be fun.

We worked in a company where we built drones. During the first days, our coach Octavio trained us in the things we needed to build a drone, whether it was soldering or orientation in PC programs. During the first week, we assembled the drone structure and attached the motors.  Subsequently, the next day we finished the drone and could jump into the configuration.  We calibrated the motors, configured the drone and the controller, and then we just had to test the drone.  After work, we had a lot of free time or had interesting activities prepared by EUROMIND. Spanish courses, walks around the city or a trip to Cordoba awaited us. A trip to Metropol Parasol was also interesting. There was an amazing view of Seville. This internship was a great experience for me and if there was an opportunity to go again, I wouldn’t hesitate!

Tomáš Soušek

The trip started in my country, Czech Republic. We’ve taken a train to our capital Prague and then a plane via Barcelona to Seville. I really enjoyed traveling with a plane, because I don’t fly very often. The plane spotting in Barcelona was amazing.

The accomodation was great. The food was very good and the amount was literally unlimited.

Every day we went to a work, where we were building, designing, setting up and testing drones. It was pretty interesting to see how drones actually work and how you can build one yourself without buying already prebuilt one.

After the work we either had a Spanish lesson, went sightseeing or had a free time. Learning  basics of Spanish was very interesting and I enjoyed it. In my free time I visited some touristic attractions such as Alcazar or the aquarium and explored the beauty of the city.

Overall I enjoyed this trip very much and I am sad to be leaving in a couple days. I learned how to travel and live in a different country and also learned basics about drones. I am hoping to be able to go on the next Erasmus.

Josef Pavela

During our stay in Spain, we worked at a drones company.  In this company, we were given the opportunity to try designing and building a simple drone.  For the design, we used the Cut2D program, in which we drew all the necessary parts of the drone.  Subsequently, we assembled the drone and configured all control units, transmitter, receiver, etc.  We also tried the drone flight simulation and planned the drone’s flight paths using the Mission Planer.

The work was interesting and I think it taught me something more from practice in my field of study.

In our free time, we discovered the beauty of Seville and its surroundings.  We visited a lot of interesting places and monuments such as the Metropol Parasol, the art museum, or perhaps the aquarium in Seville.  We also took a trip to Córdoba on the weekend together with another group from Poland and walked through this historic city.  We quickly got to know the other group from Poland and established friendly relations.  Overall, I was very happy for this opportunity to be here and I will remember it for a long time.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-CZ01-KA121-VET-000063842
Number of participants: 8
Country: Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic

All Projects, Electronics
Drone, Electronic