Students from Slovakia on internship in Málaga: mechanical engineering, CNC, electricians, and car mechanics | Euromind
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About This Project

A group, as many as 30 students from Zvolen, Slovakia, came to Málaga in October for a work placement. 12 mechanical engineers, 5 CNC, 10 electricians, 3 car mechanics spent three weeks in the coastal city.


Among other things, they worked in garages, both as car mechanics and as electronics specialists, fitting equipment such as audio inside cars. Others worked in 3D design companies, which the students agree allowed them to be creative and realise their ideas. Still, others had the chance to prove themselves as service technicians for submarine machines and other industrial machines.


They spent their free time exploring Andalusia, discovering the charms of Granada, the last bastion of Moorish rule in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as Córdoba, famous for its patios festival and its captivating cathedral, which was once a mosque.


In order to get a fully Spanish experience, the students also went to a tapas night, where they were able to taste local delicacies and learn about the tapas’ eating culture. During this experience, they were able to test in practice their knowledge of Spanish language, which they had learnt on the course they attended during the project.


We are sure that the participants in this project have gained new experiences and honed their skills and, who knows, maybe even found their perfect place(ment)….


Martin Ivanič

I wanted to go to Spain because I really like this country. I liked kind people the most, I also liked the city and the sea. What surprised me the most was the very busy and fast life in Malaga. I worked in a company, where my duty was to work on a program and model 3D parts. They required me to model the 3D components separately. In my free time, I relaxed a lot, or we went to the beach, the pool, or shopping.

Adrián Frick

It was an interesting opportunity to travel away and experience living in a foreign country. I really liked the Spanish architecture. I was really surprised by how nice and friendly people are here. My main task during the internship was to learn modeling in 3D software. In my free time, I usually talked with friends or worked or studied.

Dominik Adamec

I wanted to go to Spain because it was a one-time opportunity to experience what life abroad is like. Malaga is a big city with sunny and hot weather so I got to explore the streets, sea and architecture of it. The company I worked in is a great company with amazing people. I was mainly working with 3D modeling software and also with CNC machines. Working in that company made me feel free and I opened to so many ideas. I learned a lot about Spain and also how would it be to work there. It was amazing to be there!



Project Details

Project Title: Applying Innovation in Vocational Education & Training
Project Number: 2020-1-SK01-KA102-077772
Number of participants: 30
Country: Zvolen, Slovakia

All Projects, Car mechanics, CNC, Electricians, Engineering, Mechatronic engineering
Car mechanic, CNC, Electronic, Engineering, Mechanical engineering