Croatian economics students discover Úbeda and the charm of Andalusia by carrying out their professional internships | Euromind
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About This Project

A group of 8 economics students from Ekonomska škola Šibenik came to Úbeda to carry out professional internships as administrative and marketing officers. These adventurers had the opportunity to develop the skills acquired in their schools in great companies in the city. The clerks were in charge of managing paperwork, invoices, receipts, taxes, etc. On the other hand, 4 students were in charge of preparing a marketing analysis to introduce new products on the market for a local tourism company.

In addition, this group was able to discover the beauty and charm of Andalusia by visiting cities such as Cordoba, Seville and Cazorla. In Cazorla they not only enjoyed its incredible gastronomy, or were not only impressed by its breath-taking castles, but were also lucky enough to enjoy the nature and environment of the largest natural park in Spain: Sierra Cazorla, Segura y las Villas.

These students also took part in cultural activities such as tapas tasting, where they discovered the best of Andalusian cuisine. They even had the opportunity to discover Úbeda by strolling through its unique and charming streets, as well as spending their free time playing bowling or going to the gym.

Finally, these adventurous Croatians took part in an interesting Spanish social and cultural programme. They got to know the best of Spanish culture and language by interacting with the locals through outdoor activities, visiting local museums, e.g. the Olive Oil Interpretation Centre, as well as tasting churros, a special local dessert.



The Erasmus project was one of my wishes since I entered high school. I wanted to go to Spain to gain new skills and knowledge. Also, Spain is an excellent country where we could create a European life relationship with people. I felt as at home in Spain; the city of Ubeda is similar to my hometown Šibenik. Small, but big with hospitable and warm local people. I did my professional internship at Catering Delicias. Every day I had a new task. My duties were to properly carry out the given task, I dealt with paperwork, accounts, events through 2022/2023. year. The internship I did in Spain was very professional, I applied everything I learned at school there. I returned to my country with a lot of new knowledge about my profession. I spent my free time surrounded by open and cheerful people, in nature and beautiful Spanish cities. I got to know different cultures, customs and saw various beautiful sights. A wonderful and instructive life experience.


I wanted to visit Spain because I am intrigued by its culture and language. I was absolutely amazed by caring and polite people and their different culture which surprised me in all amazing ways for instance; “siesta time”, beautiful weather, amazing and heart-warming people and tasty food and drinks. The most heart-warming thing about Ubeda is the fact that it is similar to my hometown Šibenik so I was feeling like at home. I was working at Artifactum agency for graphic design and tourism and my duties were to do a marketing for its new project and market research. After work we had free time and we were using all of the best opportunities to search Ubeda and its fun bars, bowling alleys etc. All in all, the internship was great thanks to our coordinator and amazing and reliable people in our house.


This project was the perfect opportunity to extend my knowledge in my profession as well as experience Spanish culture. About Spain, I would say that I love everything, but if I have to point out one thing, it would be warmth of people. No matter what problem you have, locals are always ready to help. Another thing would be food for me. Here in Spain I noticed that food is spicier than in Croatia, and I love it. I was mostly surprised about quantity of things that I can do during my stay such as going to the gym, hanging out in parks or restaurants… Even though Ubeda is a small city, at any time there was something new to try, and something new to do. I worked at Artifactum, a marketing company. We researched competition, looked for new places where tourist in Ubeda can spend their money, we made couple of presentations about it to reach to people, and me and my team really loved it there.



Project Details

Project title: ASK4IT
Project Number: 2022-1-HR01-CA122-VET-000074701
Number of participants: 8
Country: Šibenik, Croatia

All Projects, Business Administration, Marketing
Administrative Assistant, economist, marketing