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About This Project

In January, 13 students coming straight from Chocianów in Poland landed in Malaga for a one-month work placement. Their goal was to develop their skills in two different fields: mechatronics and logistics.


The group was divided in five teams of two or three people which help them to feel more comfortable because they were not alone. The group also took a 20-hour Spanish course in order to overcome the language barrier with their tutors and more generally with the locals.


During these weeks, they also had the opportunity to visit other Andalusian cities like Ronda and Granada – which is one of the most touristic places in the world. They also tested their adventurous spirits by crossing the well-known El Caminito del Rey.


We are convinced that this experience was enriching for the students in all aspects whether professionally and personally.

Paulina Jolanta Dołhun

I was working with CNC machines, where I learned about metalworking process.  I really loved Spain and the weather there. I spent my free time rambling with my friends and playing basketball. I think that Malaga is a very beautiful place. On Saturdays, with the whole group, we went to trip in other Andalusian cities such as Ronda or Granada – in which we were where taking pictures and exploring the lands. We were also in Caminito del Rey where we saw beautiful paths and gorges.


Marcin Dariusz Kruk

I came to Spain to learn about its culture and customs. Malaga is a very beautiful city. Most of the time at work I was involved in changing tires with a special machine, changing or refilling fluids in the car, etc. In general, I liked my hos company very much. People working there make the days at the practice super. In my free time I spent a lot of time exploring the city, generally the center. In the evening, with my colleagues, we went often to the field to play basketball or football.



Project Details

Project number: 2021-1-PL01-KA122-VET-000016715
Project Title: Na staż po doświadczenie zawodowe
Number of participants: 13
Country: Chocianów, Poland

All Projects, CNC, Logistics, Mechatronic engineering
Logistics, mechatronics