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About This Project

At the beginning of summer, a group of students from Głogów in Poland came to Ubeda to do apprenticeships in the professions of an IT specialist, programmers, electrician and welder.


IT specialists worked in hardware repairs and installations. Programmers got new skills in web development. Electricians had the opportunity to get acquainted with field work and renewable energy while installing solar panels. Welders practiced their skills in workshops dealing with agricultural and industrial machinery.


During their free time, the students discovered the host city, especially the culinary aspect that they discovered while going out for tapas together.


We are proud of you and we hope that your stay in Spain was a great start to this summer!


Huber Rudowicz

I wanted to go to Spain because I was interested in architecture and food. I was surprised by the hospitality of the Spanish people. I worked as a web developer. My job was to create a website for the company where I was interning. In my free time, I tried to try as much Spanish food as possible. I will remember for a long time the people I worked with, they were very open and friendly.

Igor Kiełbus

I have always heard only good things about Spain and for some time I wanted to check if it is really true. That is why I applied for this project, nearly instantly when I heard about it. At first Spain did not appeal to me, but as the time passed my attitude towards it changed, as for today I can surely say that I really enjoyed my stay here. While being here I was responsible for designing and programming website for company that I was trainee in, along my fellow trainee Hubert. I really enjoyed that task, because I had freedom of choice regarding method of website creation. Concluding all of that, I really enjoyed my stay here and for sure it will stay with me as a good memory for a long time.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-PL01-KA121-VET-000052557
Number of participants: 17
Country: Głogów, Poland

All Projects, Electricians, IT, Webdesign, Welder
electrician, IT, programmer, welder