Slovenian trainees in industrial mechanics carry out work experience in the Unesco city of Úbeda | Euromind
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About This Project

Last spring Úbeda welcomed 4 wonderful trainees from the Šolski centre in Postojna, Slovenia. These students worked in industrial companies in the city specialised in the manufacture of different items, such as agricultural machinery and chimneys.


Through this experience, they were able to saw, weld, drill and even observe and analyse the operation of a CNC machine. Not only did they integrate into the company’s environment and philosophy, but they also gained enough independence to carry out certain tasks on their own under the supervision of their superiors.


Every afternoon, they took advantage of the Andalusian climate by swimming in the pool, going for walks and experimenting the best of Úbeda’s Renaissance monuments, its culture, traditions, gastronomy or the indiosyncrasy of its people. In addition, these Slovenian adventurers discovered La Costa del Sol and very interesting places such as Baeza, also a World Heritage City, or the Synagogue of the Water, a Jewish space discovered 16 years ago and belonging to the 13th century.


Without a doubt, they were lucky to be able to live this experience that will surely remain in their memory for a long time.


Blaž Maurič

In my internship at the company I really liked how kind and helpful the staff was and how they accepted us in their team like we are their own employees. I really liked when I welded with another worker and we had some fun when doing it. There was a language barrier between us but we managed like we were supposed to. I really enjoyed my stay in Úbeda
and I hope I visit Spain again.

Luka Prelc

I always wanted to visit Spain which is one of the reasons why I decided to participate in this Erasmus project. I really like the company where I work at, because I got a lot of new experiences. My co-workers are very friendly and they taught me a lot of new stuff. I also practiced and improved my English and I tried to learn some basic Spanish words.



Project Details

Project Number: 2020-1-SI01-KA116-075788
Number of participants: 4
Country: Postojna, Slovenia

All Projects, CNC, Mechatronic engineering, Welder
CNC, Industrial, mechatronics, welder