Voilà! French interns fall in love with Úbeda after their 5-week internships | Euromind
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About This Project

On June a group of 8 French students coming from La Croix Rouge La Salle (Brest) were welcomed in Úbeda in order to experience an amazing adventure in Spain. They came from different field of studies, such as commerce, industrial maintenance, electricity and IT. All of them were placed in local companies to gain more knowledge and put into practice their competences and skills. In addition to this, they had the opportunity to fully feel Spanish Culture as they were living with local host families.


Ema Benat

I love Úbeda, it is a calm town. Even when it rains it is pretty nice. I love my internships in Mango. Natalia is very patient, she takes the time to communicate with us, to teach us things etc. She is very radiant! I liked everything but the things I liked the most was the merchandising and put the alarms on the clothes. I learned a lot of vocabulary and how a clothes company work. I love Spain, life is cheaper than France and the views are beautiful.

Novan Herry

Úbeda is a beautiful city with a rich historical heritage. In my company, I enjoyed all the tasks I were asked to do, such as painting, sawing or welding. I have learned to work alone and safely with the supervision of my mentor. Spain as a country is really warm and people are very nice and friendly.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-FR-KA121-VET-000053961
Number of participants: 8
Country: Brest, France

All Projects, Electricians, IT, Shop Assistant, Welder
electrician, industrial maintenance, IT, shop assistant