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About This Project

The group of Bulgarian students from the school PG po transport i menidzhmŭnt, Kazanlak had a great time for 2 weeks in the city Seville. The trainees were having the practice of field car mechanics. They were helping in Spanish car repair shops. The students were able to learn more about repairing and changing car parts. During their day off, we organised for them a trip to Gibraltar to visit the monkeys and climb the Rock and the next day they enjoyed the beach in the city of Cadiz, so they could celebrate the sunny day. We were delighted to be able to welcome this school back to Seville.



During my practice I was making a diagnostic of cars, I have also changed tires and I could repair suspensions oil filters and changed the light in the cars. I am glad that I could learn how to change tires and balance them. I really liked to work with the personal and people in the company, they were nice. The things that I like are that the company was a big and organised, but the journey was long to come to the job. I really enjoy my time in Sevilla and I am glad that I wa a new city, it is great and I could learn a lot of new things from here.


During my practice I learned to balance tires, how to change coupe filter, oil filter, flat tires. I learnd how to balance tires, how to change coupe filter, oil filter, flat tiresI didn‘t had the chance to talk with the boss a lot, just because the communication was hard, but there were people from the staff who talk with us and teach us about the cars, they showed how to do sertain things. The work place is very clean, the staff was kind,  and for me the bets part was that i was not working under the sun, things that i dont like was they mostly dont know english and the communication was difficult but i managed to do it. The work i did at the work place will help me in future, the things i learnt and people I met, i think the city is great to learn about the people that live here and its great to enrich ur historical and culture look about the whole country



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-BG01-KA121-VET-000059472
Number of participants: 8
Country: Kazanlak, Bulgaria

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Car mechanics