Croatian nurses, physiotherapists and lab technician enjoying their internship in Seville! | Euromind
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About This Project

In May, we welcomed a perfect group from Croatia in Seville. Students from Srednja medicinska skola Slavonski Brod enjoyed 2 weeks in beautiful Seville. The main reason why they came to Spain was their mobility, where they gained new skills and knowledge in the field of nursing, physiotherapy and laboratory technician. The group was encouraged to gain new experiences and learn more about Spanish culture and history. Excursions they enjoyed during their stay were a visit to the historic city of Granada and the coastal city of Cadiz.


Josipa Blažević

I was giving support and advice to patients, also while educating them on how to manage their illnesses. Also, I’ve been ordering medications, writing some of their records/vital functions, and feeding them. My best part was wound dressing. I learned how to give insulin where I was giving it for the first time and I was watching the introduction of catheter and enema. That’s new stuff for me. My mentor was always there, she showed me and described me. I can say I am pretty fascinated with all. Those 2 weeks were much better than how I expected. I would recommend it to any school that has the possibility to come here. Really nice experience.

Valentina Jurkić

In the beginning, I did the basics and got to know the entire space and all the patients. I gave patients a massage, transported them and did passive exercises with the patients. I learned how to move a hemiplegic person from one end of the room to the other. In addition, I learned how to walk alongside the patient. My mentor and other employees were too nice. They were always ready to help me and tried to teach me as many things as possible. I am very delighted with the whole experience and I would go to Erasmus many more times if I had the chance. Everyone who can, should go because through this they gain many, many experiences, not only in business but also in life.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-HR01-KA121-VET-000055160
Number of participants: 15
Country: Slavonski Brod, Croatia

All Projects, Laboratory, Nursing
lab analyst, Nurse, phisiotherapists