Belgian trainee nurses learn about Spanish healthcare in Seville thanks to Euromind | Euromind
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About This Project

Belgian students from the HBO5 Verpleegkunde Sint-Norbertusinstituut in Duffel, Belgium, spent 4 weeks with us in Seville. The students had the opportunity to work with nurses and doctors in Spanish hospitals and were able to gain new experiences in the nursing sector.  The trainees had the opportunity to learn new things about how to help patients during operations or how to serve medicine.

In addition, some days they stayed with the doctors during operations to acquire new skills that they could apply in Belgian hospitals. Also, they planned the trips to learn about Spanish culture and the gastronomy of Andalusia. During their free time, they visited iconic monuments of Seville.


Nathalie  Fanis

I am very happy with this experience. During the first week I gave medication to patients both orally and intravenously, as well as taking blood samples. Afterwards, in the operating theatre I injected serums, in case of venous nerve block I injected medication together with the anaesthesiologist. She also gave antibiotics, took parameters with patients returning from the operating theatre. The nurses were kind and made an effort as we could not speak Spanish. In fact we were given the opportunity to work in the different disciplines. Overall, it was a good experience to do an internship here, it was exhausting especially the first week. After that it was better. Although it requires a lot of energy, I was certainly able to practice many techniques, and I could see many things they do differently from what we learned in Belgium. Overall, it was a satisfactory internship.

Daniela Ahlert

During my stay in Seville I performed nursing tasks such as wound care, blood collection, intravenous infusion, preparation of medication and administration to the patient orally, subcutaneously or intravenously. Most of the tutors tried to communicate and did their best to make themselves understood. Overall I had a good experience in Seville and enjoyed the beautiful city and the internship.



Project Details

Project Number: 2020-1-BE02-KA102-074553
Number of participants: 2
Country: Duffel, Belgium

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