A charming group from Macedonia accompanies senior citizens in their internships in the health sector | Euromind
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About This Project

A new group from SOU Jane Sandanski Shtip school in North Macedonia has participated in an internship in Seville with Euromind. The students spent 3 weeks working in the field of nursing and physiotherapy. The students were placed in nursing homes where they acquired new professional and language skills. During their free time, a trip to the old town of Seville was organised, so that they could learn more about the Spanish culture and gastronomy. During the weekend they enjoyed great excursions to Malaga and Cordoba. In these destinations they could learn more about the history of Spain, discover interesting places on the beach or visit the most beautiful and best preserved Mosque in Andalusia.


Stefanija Lazarova

During this practice, I have gained a lot of medical skills. Every morning we went to patients rooms and took care of their wounds. We cleaned their catheters and then gave them their meds. They let me put glycemia sensor which was a completely new and amazing experience for me because in our country we make that differently. Everyday we had meetings with the doctors to talk about the patients state. My mentors were really patient and dedicated to the job they were teaching me. I really loved the way they treated the patients. Nurses were very calm and always cheering up the residents and making their day better. This was my first internship and it was amazing. We also did something interesting things, like visiting Maria Luisa Park, Plaza de España, the Cathedral and a lot of historical landmarks in Seville. The most interesting thing for me was the Spanish course and its activities because it allowed us to communicate more in our workplace.

Lucija Murgoska Manev

First of all, I must mention that the way of working is very different from the one in Macedonia. At the beginning of the first week, we got used to the routine that this institution has. Patients usually comes in the ambulance at 10 am where we had the opportunity to measure their blood pressure, measure blood glucose, and administered intramuscular vitamin therapy. During the rest of the day, we gave tablet therapy from one apartment to another; we also assisted in making bandages on wounds. After nearly one week, we did them independently in the presence of the nurse. We learned new things every day. It made a very big impression on me that we saw the typical things we are learning in school and how they should be treated.



Project Details

Project Number: 2021-1-MK01-KA122-VET-000030847
Number of participants: 24
Country: Shtip, North Macedonia

All Projects, Nursing
elder care, Nurse