Once again, brilliant Croatian trainees develop professional skills in Seville | Euromind
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About This Project

We welcomed the students from the school Strojarska i Prometna Škola from Varaždin in our lovely city Seville, we hosted them for 2 weeks. The students came to make the practice from the field of transport and home installation. During their internship, they improved in their fields, so they could organize trips in the company, work with GPS programs, and thus learn administrative documents. The installers had the opportunity to learn about working in various systems such as air conditioning or solar energy.


Tea  Katalenić

In my practical Company, I learned about the buses and how the workers organize their work during the days. I was cleaning the buses, controlling the systems and oil leve. I was learning also about the construction of bus. The bus construciton is different than the turck construction, so I could understand more the differences. I really liked my mentor, he was very polite. I did not have negative things about my workplace, just that every day was almost the same. My internship in Sevilla was very good, I learnt a lot about city, and the history is very interesting.

Mihael Košćak

I was cleaning ventilations filters and air conditioning. I learned how to control thermostat and how the solar system works. I loved how the people in the company treated the fact and us that the workers what they were doing and explained everything nicely to us. I love how well he treated us and explained everything to us. I am sad because this journey is over but I hope that I will have another chance to visit this beautiful city.



Project Details

Project Title: SIPS mobility 6
Project Number: 2022-1-HR01-KA121-VET-000063062
Number of participants: 6
Country: Varaždin, Croatia

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