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About This Project

In May, a group of 15 students came from Krasnystaw, Poland, to Úbeda for a two-week work placement. The students spent 2 weeks in Spain, gaining new skills in their chosen professions.


The cooks learnt the secrets of Spanish cuisine and even tried fusion cuisine, adding Polish accents to Spanish dishes, which positively surprised their mentors.


The car mechanics rose to the challenge, repairing both cars and trucks. They were not afraid of the language barrier or the Spanish terminology associated with mechanics – nothing is impossible for our young professionals.


The economists took up the challenge of, for example, accounting for invoices, organising documents and assisting their superiors in their daily work. They performed their duties without the slightest complaint.


In their free time, the students attended a Spanish language course, which certainly contributed to better communication at the practical sites. What’s more, one weekend the group went on a trip to Málaga, where they combined sightseeing with relaxing on the beach.


We are sure that two weeks was not enough and we look forward to your return, and in the meantime, we wish you further success!

Elżbieta Radoń

My practice in Spain was great. During my internship I’ve been working mainly on the database, but I also prepared documents for clients of my host company. In my free time I was integrating with the other group, who lived with us in the residence, and I went out with people from my group. Summing up, my internship in Spain was very successful and satisfactory.

Sylwia Rosolińska

I wanted to go to Spain because I like meeting new people and gaining experience. I did my internship in a restaurant at a hotel, where I helped in the kitchen to prepare meals for guests. Internships in Spain differ from those in Poland in that everyone approaches work calmly, and everyone is cheerful. In my free time I explored the town, played volleyball with my friends and met new people. I also attended Spanish classes, thanks to which I learned a lot. After returning to Poland, I will remember for the longest time the people I worked with, the wonderful trips and the nice time spent in Spain.



Project Details

Project title: Europejskie staże zawodowe - Zetka w Hiszpanii - Edycja II
Project number: 2022-1-PL01-KA122-VET-000075841
Number of participants: 15
Country: Krasnystaw, Poland

All Projects, Business Administration, Car mechanics, Food Production, Gastronomy
administration, Car mechanics, cook, Economy