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About This Project

A group of 25 students from Slovenia came to Malaga to spend 3 weeks doing their internship in several fields. The students enjoyed their stay in Spain improving linguistic and professional competences.


The interns were spread across Malaga to work in their chosen field and profession. The first group gained experience as shop assistants which gave them a chance to apply inventory management methods, help in managing the purchase programme, deal with customer service, etc. The car mechanics got to fix basic car elements and evaluated the quality of mechanical, electrical and electronic vehicle equipment operations. The next group tried their best as computer numerical control operators. Their main responsibilities consisted of dismantling the CNC machines and making external and internal repairs. Some of the interns worked as carpenter assistants which allowed them to support installation of wooden furniture, read plans, and cut elements with hands and electric tools. The last group of interns provided support to host companies by assisting in daily office administrative work.


Additionally, the interns participated in a great number of cultural activities provided by the euroMind team in Malaga. They took an intensive Spanish course which allowed them to learn useful Spanish words and phrases. The students visited Malaga Sea Life Aquarium where they could admire over 5,000 species. They also saw the most beautiful places in the city during the Malaga Tour. What is more, the interns went on a day trip to Gibraltar and they could walk down the gorge in Caminito del Rey.


Jan Jelenovič

The best trip was the trip to Gibraltar, because on this day it was nice weather and was also a very good view. The monkeys up there were also very interesting. When we got replaced in a new company, it was really great to work there, and workers showed us everything we need to know and the job was very interesting because I worked with CNC-machine which I have never worked before. Life there was also very nice and interesting, because of temperature and nightlife and of course because of the sea.

Helena Lazić

It was very nice in Spain. We have gained a great knowledge of new Spanish words. The people were very friendly and liked to help. Food and culture is different from our food and culture but it was ok.



Project Details

Project Title: Boarder Horizons
Project Number: KA1-VET-14/18
Number of participants: 25
Country: Kočevje, Slovenia

All Projects, Business Administration, Car mechanics, Carpentry, CNC, Electronics, Shop Assistant
business administration, Car mechanics, carpentry, CNC, shop assistant