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About This Project

After years of high school, what better way to spend your skills at the university of work in Malaga.

These five guys are arrived from Poland for an engaging internship in which they were able to see the fruits of their studies.
In the host university they lived their full laboratory life  sampling and doing analysis of samples, prepare the equipment, do physical chemical tests, determination of the acidity of the substance, water hardness analysis.

In addition, during the afternoon these young people took a basic Spanish course which helped them to overcome the language barrier in the place of their internship.



Oskar Brzostek

In my opinion, practice at university was great. I met very kind people and I spent a lovely time there. The teachers were so helpful and cheerful. I had the opportunity to do new things like new experiments and analyses. The city is beautiful in the day and at night. I rested well at the beach, and I tried new food I have never eaten.
Spanish lessons were also great and interesting with a very nice teacher.

I really like the apprenticeship at my car workshop, at the beginning I was a bit worried about the relationship with the employees, but even with the language barrier, I had no problems getting along with them. It’s been four weeks now, and I’ve learned a lot, not only how to repair cars, but I’m starting to understand Spanish more and more.

Dawid Kozłowski

In Málaga, I had probably  the best time of my life so far. During internship at the university I have
learnt a lot of new things and improved my skills . The Spanish course
was fascinating, and the teacher inspired me to learn Spanish on my own. I enjoyed all the trips we
had there in Spain, Caminito del Rey trip was my favourite one. I loved local Spanish food, climate
and basically everything in Málaga.

I really liked my internship. Despite the language barrier, I get along very well with my colleagues. They showed me a lot of new solutions and taught me their experience. They are very understanding and patient. We learned each others languages in order to understand better between us. There is a completely different work culture here than in Poland.

Joanna Kucińska

The internship was great. Tutors were fantastic. They were really helpful, and I could always ask
them about all my doubts. I also liked the city. It s full of green areas. There are also a lot of interesting places to visit ( for example the Museo Ruso). I will never forget the time I spent here.

Dominik Wiśniewski

The internship was fantastic. I learned a lot. The teachers were nice and helpful. I really liked the architecture of Malaga, and of course the beaches. I visited many amazing places here.

Julia Lewandowska

I really enjoyed the internship. I learned a lot of new things and improved my previous skills.My tutors, Rocio and Maria were always ready to help. Even if we had problems with language, we always managed to understand each other. I will really miss them.


Kołobrzeska, Poland

project number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-063237

Number of participants: 5 students


Project Details

Project Title: Mobilny Mechanik i Elektromechanik, przepustką do zdobycia nowoczesnego wykształcenia w branży samochodowej.
Project Number:2018-1-PL01-KA102-048190
Number of participants: 13
Country: Poland, Bydgoszcz

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