Environmental Analysis Laboratory Technicians and WordPress Programmers from Zadar spending their practices in Seville | Euromind
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About This Project

Croatian group of students from school, Prirodoslovno-grafička škola ZADAR (School of Science and Graphic Arts ZADAR), located in the city Zadar, Croacia, they arrived in the city of Seville, in the south of Spain.

They came to spend with us two weeks, and during these weeks they improved their language level, their work skills and learned more from their fields of IT technician and laboratory technician. Computer science students focused on programming and creating websites using WordPress. The second group of students from the field Laboratory technician, had to implement the quality management system in environmental research laboratorios and preparation of material for water, soil and air sampling. After all they were developping physicochemical and microbiological analysis, making the analysis and monitoring of samples.  Trainees were able to gain a whole new experience during 2 weeks in order to improve their skills in Spanish companies.

They also had a great experience traveling in Spain, when they could visit the beautiful city of Granada and its magical Alhambra. During the free afternoon, they had a different program and various activities every day, with us they decided to discover the bullring of Sevilla – Plaza de Torros. This group made the most of their time!



Damjan Vukoje Peranić

About the tasks I had to do: I have learned about various parts of web design, from something simple, like typing text on a blank page and being able to access it through a link, to something more complex, like making a webshop and adding products to it or setting up a security system for our website. And I learned it all with WordPress which makes it very easy to learn. About the workplace: The work environment is comfortable. We work in an air conditioned space with a teacher who is very polite and helpful, who will always take time to solve a problem we can not fix. Some food and water are always at our disposal, so we can eat and drink during the break. About the accommodation: The accommodation was a weird thing to get used to since I dont usually sleep on a bunk bed with three other people in the room, but I have got used to it. The accommodation is nice overall. Everything works as it should, and it became very comfortable. Overall review/reflection: I liked the experience. The hostel was a nice place to stay and the staff was nice. The work was very interesting and our teacher very polite and helpful. I also really liked Sevilla as a whole, especially its centre and all the beautiful landmarks.

Karlo Glažar

We tested the samples of water (from the river, from the well). About the workplace: The people that work there are nice, polite and good at their job. They explained what we had to do width any problem. About the accommodation: The room is great, the bed is comfy and the toilet is great. Overall review / reflection: So far, I had a great time in Sevilla.




Project Details

Project Title: CoLab
Project Number: 2020-1-HR01-KA102-077516
Number of participants: 24
Country: Zadar, Croatia

All Projects, IT, Laboratory, Web Development
analysis, laboratory, web design, web development, Wordpress