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About This Project

In March, a group of 12 students from Czech Republic started their work placements in Úbeda in the professions of laboratory analyst and caretaker of the elderly.


Students, who learned new skills in the laboratories, had the opportunity to practise on a wide variety of samples – from oil, soil or milk to even human blood! At the same time, they had the opportunity to learn how to use various equipment used in this profession.


Students, who cared for the elderly citizens of Úbeda during their placements, worked in nursing homes. They helped their residents with daily activities such as eating, dressing and hygiene.


After their placements, the group participated in a range of cultural activities, such as a flamenco dance workshop, a churros making workshop or going out for tapas together. There was also an excursion – they went to Granada, where the students also had the chance to visit the famous Alhambra.


It was a fortnight rich in new experiences, new flavours, new friendships and, above all, wonderful memories. We are proud of you and wish you every success in the future!


Tereza Kroláková

I liked literally everything here. I fell in love with the lifestyle. I love how people here are friendly, happy, and devoted and how they enjoy their life. I worked in a lab and my responsibilities were measuring ph and searching different values in different samples for example milk, and pasta. I my free time, I explored the city with my friends, was buying souvenirs and going out with the Croatian group we met here. I really enjoyed the flamenco workshop. I will remember our mentors from the laboratory because they were really nice to us. And I will remember the Croatian group of students that also came to Úbeda for internships because we really got close and we spent almost every day together.

Klára Mašková

This internship helped me make sure that I want to continue in that field in my further studies at university. It was a new and very interesting experience for me. My favorite activity was preparing churros, I did not expect them to be so simple. I worked in a hospital, where I had a lot of responsibility for the received samples. In our free time, we walked around the city and discovered the beauty of Úbeda. I am very grateful for the new experience and for this opportunity to participate.



Project Details

Project title: Medical practise in Spain - new skill and knowledge
Project Number: 2022-1-CZ01-KA122-VET-000068952
Number of participants: 12
Country: Jihlava, Czech Republic

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laboratory, Nursing