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About This Project

10 Austrian students spent a month in Seville (October-November 2017) to do an internship as Administratives, Logistic Technicians, Dressmakers, Plastic Molding Operators, Beauty Salon Assistant and Library Assistant. During their internship, they learnt new things and developed their professional abilities in the fields above, carrying out several tasks, such as:



  • Performing general office duties: using photocopiers, printers and scanners and processing invoices, receipts and payments.
  • Fitting, altering, repairing, and making made-to-measure clothing, according to customers’ and clothing manufacturers’ specifications and fitting and applying principles of garment design, construction, and styling, repairing or replacing defective garment parts such as pockets, zippers, snaps, buttons, and linings, making women’s garments, such as dresses, suits and flamenco dresses, according to customer specifications and measurements, positioning and pinning pattern sections, such as collar, sleeve, or waist, on fabric, and cuts fabric with scissors following pattern edge.
  • Carrying out loading operations that affect the control and organization of the distribution of goods to be transported, performing the unloading operations in order to control and organize the distribution of goods in the warehouse, performing administrative management in transport operations, assisting to the realization of the packaging,labelling and storage of goods, adding information about shipments and arrivals in the computer program.
  • Operating and monitoring plastics moulding machines, putting and removing plastic from the machinery and checking the results, cleaning, lubricating and carrying out maintenance of the machine.
  • Helping with workspace, equipment, tools and cosmetics preparation, assisting with administering facial treatments, performing  shaping, manicure and pedicure techniques applying health regulations, assisting with hair removal treatments



Furthermore, they learned some Spanish and found out some historical, cultural and gastronomical features about Seville during a Spanish course, a Seville Tour and a Tapas Night. They also had a great time during a trip to the beautiful city of Cadiz.

We hope that our trainees had fun and that they learned many things that will be useful for their future work and private life.


Jakob1Jakob Fösl: 

‘My name is Jakob Fösl and I am a plastics shape encoder. In the company where I worked, they have seven injection moulding machines and produces parts for medical, agricultural and aviation purpose. In the company, there are about 10 employees, which work in shift work times. They have to produce parts for a lot of clients. in smaller productions and mix the proper material by hand, not by machinery like I used to from home. My luck at the company was that some of the employees could speak a little bit English and some German as well, so I could communicate with them. The more days I went to work there, the more I liked the work and gained new experience. For me, the work in this company is a great experience and I have gained new skills and competencies here’

Krisztian2Krisztian Peter Huszti:

‘My name is Krisztian and I am doing an internship at a school in Seville. The school offers Middle and Higher Degrees of Aeronautics, in its two specialities Avionics and Aeromechanics, but in other technical areas as well. As a trainee here I am experiencing different administrative tasks, especially related to financial aspects. I personally like new tasks and the work in this office and I am glad to gain new experience abroad because it is possible on this way to create more connections between the different areas of administration in fact in Spain, where I can really enjoy the concept of work with less stress.  I love my colleagues as well because they help me all time to do all the tasks and teach me very enthusiastically Spanish.’


Mohammed Reza Madjidi:

‘I am doing my practical experience in a company located in the centre of Seville. My mentor, Carmen, is very talkative and friendly. Among our tasks we sew and design flamenco dresses, do amendments and create accessories. In the afternoon we often receive the visits of our customers especially children with their parents and explain Carmen how they would like to be their special flamenco dress designed. It has been without a doubt a nice and enriching experience for me.’



Project Details

Number of participants: 10
Country: Austria

All Projects, Business Administration, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Hairdressing, Health & Beauty, Logistics, Shop Assistant, Welder