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About This Project

15 Polish students from Rzeszów did an internship in Seville, working as Aircraft Mechanics and CNC Operators. During their work experience, they developed their professional abilities in industrial design and manufacturing, in Technology, in Aeronautics and in IT; they carried out several tasks, such as:



  • Operating and monitoring machines for cutting, drilling and polishing plastic and metal;
  • Using software to design 3D pieces;
  • Getting to know and learning Aircraft Maintenance Manuals and Work Orders according to workshop tasks, Illustrated Parts Catalogues, basic principles of hydraulics and elements of the hydraulic system of an aircraft, elements of landing gear, its function and configuration, the different parts and engine operations and the differences between turbine and piston engines, the different types of propellers and its functions, etc.
  •  disassembling and assembling completely engine cylinders; propellers; combustion chambers; compressor of a turbine; torque link of the front axle; shimmy damper; the braking system; wheels; hand pump; hydraulic pump, hand pump and gear pump
  •  Performing maintenance tasks in the workshop (on different engines, propellers, turbines and aircrafts) and on the hydraulics systems (for example, changing engine oil, maintaining the contact magneto, cleaning the spark plug, etc.);
  •  Carrying out preflight and post-flight checks on the aircraft



Furthermore, they learned the Spanish language and culture during a Spanish course and a Seville Tour. They could also participate in a study visit to a Military base as well as to a fantastic trip to Malaga.

We hope that our trainees learned many things during their stay and that everything will be useful for their future work and private life.



Dawid Tryka

‘I really liked the internship in Sevilla. Except getting know the city and culture of Spain I’ve learned many new things in places we were that we don’t learn in school. For example, we don’t have the 3D printer in school and software that are used to help to manufacture. Good thing was that I could make something that I wanted for my own. Except that I learned pretty much interesting things about aircrafts, their engines or even wings. I improved my skills in technical English language. I’m glad I could take a part in this project.’

22446712_1448345398613310_554457227_nNatan Jarosz:

‘An international internship in Spain allowed me to extend my professional skills and learn innovative things. During practical training, I learned how to operate modern CAD / CAM design programs, operate CNC machines, and use a 3D printer. In the other company, I learned aeroplanes and turbine engines constructions. In conclusion, this internship was for me unforgettable experience because I had a chance to meet many wonderful people and experience fascinating culture of this country.’

Darek CyrnekDariusz Cyrnek:

‘An internship in the Sevilla allowed me to acquire new skills and learn about the culture of this country. In the first company, I learned to operate and design in Catia. I also expanded my skills in programming and operating CNC machines. In the other company, I learned about turbine engines which are very interesting for me. I also learned what materials were made of each part of the aircraft. I am very happy to be able to participate in this internship.’



Project Details

Project Title: Aktywni edukacyjnie - efektywni zawodowo
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-024946
Number of participants: 15
City & country: Rzeszów(Poland)

Aircraft mechanics, All Projects, CNC