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About This Project

For two weeks of October, a group of 16 Polish trainees from Konin worked on a project of bio-construction. The main objectives were:

  • Familiarizing students with ideas of ecologic construction.
  • Teaching them about natural and recycled components and their qualities.
  • Building parts of an eco-house using various materials and techniques.

They worked in the local company to develop their professional skills and increase their awareness of ecological notions.



Trainees took part in the theoretical lesson, that gave them basic knowledge about the subject of ecological building and its origins. They learned about difficulties that await for those, who intend to expand this form of construction, but they could also see its importance in the modern world.

During the internship, the trainees worked in teams on various of smaller projects. That allowed them to see all of the stages of bio-construction with use of different materials.

Their tasks were:

  • To look for materials necessary in the construction.
  • To build walls using pallets.
  • To disassemble pallets in the fastest way.
  • To prepare a natural grout.
  • To fill the pallets with a natural grout.
  • To build a window from glass-bottles.
  • To secure the wall with a metal net.
  • To prepare the natural a roughcast.
  • To cover the walls with a natural roughcast.
  • To build a roof using pallets and wooden pols.
  • To build a green roof with plastic and soil.
  • To cover a roof with bamboo.
  • To build a wall using filled wheels.
  • To prepare a natural brick.
  • To build a pond using plastic, stones and earlier prepared the soil.
  • To build a chimney using natural materials.

In the process, they could extend their abilities and creativity. Their tutors were impressed by the quality of their teamwork and initiative.


The time the group spent in Spain, was a time of work, but as well an opportunity to get to know other culture.
Trainees participated in a Spanish course to master the communication in another language. They tasted typical Spanish dishes while having a good time with friends in the evening of tapas and in the cooking workshop with use of olive oil. They visited a local planetarium and science museum to see some interesting physics experiments.

They went on a trip to Baeza and to Malaga to admire renaissance monuments, ancient theatre, Arabic fortress and to enjoy the Mediterranean sea. They spend their free time in a nice atmosphere in the swimming pool, playing games, organizing BBQ, dancing and singing.



They went back to Poland filled with positive energy and with heads full of new ideas! We hope that they will never forget this experience and that the time spent in Ubeda will be fruitful in the future.


dominik webDominik Biesiada

‘I am content with the internship. I am very interested in the things that I have learned and I think that I will use the new knowledge in Poland. I think that bio-construction will become more and more important and I will use it in my future career’.

damian pDamian  Nowak:

‘I am content with the internship. I could learn something completely new and see how it is to work in another country. The knowledge I gained I will use in my future career’.

dominik w webDominik Wojdak:

‘I think that the internship developed my professional abilities. I saw and learned something new – how to make a building out of nothing. It was very interesting and important. The ecological way of thinking of my tutor is fascinating. I believe that the experience will serve me in my future’.



Project Details

Project Title: Europejska Mobilność Zawodowców ZSB Konin.
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-025608
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Konin (Poland)

Agriculture, All Projects, Construction