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About This Project

In the end of May 2018, 5 Slovenian students from Ljublana spent four weeks in Seville during an internship. They had the opportunity to do a work experience as IT technicians, IT programmers and electricians. They improved their knowledge carrying out several tasks such as:

  • Installing, assembling and upgrading hardware;
  • Repairing or replacing broken parts (trouble shooting);
  • Dismantling, reassembly and replacing of simple electrical, electronic and mechanical components
  • Assisting in the installation of light system
  • Preparing and installing components of light system by applying appropriate techniques and procedures
  • Gathering all needed materials, tools and other working equipment and preparing the worksite .

Moreover, they had a Spanish language and culture course, that allowed them to get to know some basics in Spanish. Thanks to the Seville Tour, the participants discovered the most famous and beautiful corners of the Andalusian capital.

It’s been a great pleasure to have them here and we wish them all the best for their professional future.


Ziga Erjaviec 2Erjavec  Žiga:

So the whole experience was actually quite productive for me. I learned new things about electrical boxes for the machines they operate and also how to make them and wire the components inside. Everybody in the company was very friendly when it came to me needing their help. Also the working position was quite pleasant.



Project Details

Project Title: I-LED
Project Number: 2016-1-SI01-KA102-021546
Number of participants: 5
City & country: Ljublana (Slovenia)

All Projects, Electricians, IT