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About This Project

From June to July 2017, 3 Portuguese students had the opportunity to do a formative internship in Seville. They worked as administrative assistants in many companies, where they carried out several tasks, such as:


  • Providing information and instructions about the school to prospective customers, giving the required guidance.
  • Answering the telephone and writing down messages directed to different people and sections of the school.
  • Providing administrative support to the director, teachers and school staff.
  • Preparing, scanning and placing documents in electronic and paper filing systems.
  • Maintaining and managing inventory control of materials and suppliers.
  • Dealing with financial paperwork.
  • Maintaining and updating records management database systems.


Next to that, they could also take part in an overwhelming and exciting cultural trip to the fascinating cities of Tavira and Gibraltar, apart from enjoying and visiting the beautiful city of Seville. We are very pleased with their stay and we wish the trainees all the best for their future plans.


18893299_115854925676113_2253566557357634726_nMelissa Santos Ferreira

‘I had the opportunity to come to Seville as an intern for 2 months and it has been with no doubt a unique experience. Seville is a wonderful city; the people here are all very nice and always ready to help others. In the beginning, I was a little afraid of being here because I was in a completely unknown country, where I did not know anyone besides my two colleagues who were also doing their internship here. I was also afraid of the Spanish language, that I did not know much, but I confess that I managed to fit easily and I must admit that I now like this new culture a lot.
When we got to the apartment where we would be staying for these 2 months, we found out that we would be living with two French girls, which made us deal every day with people from another nationality, with daily different customs and a different kind of culture.
As far as my place of internship is concerned, I was received by everyone in an unforgettable and kind way, not only by my tutor, but also by all of the company s employees. They have always been ready to help me every step of the way, and I was received every day with a big smile, from teachers, students and staff. It was certainly an exciting opportunity from the first to the last day, that will be forever remembered.’

20140126_137128356882103_4886974390759300181_nKatia Ferreira Sousa:

‘The company welcomed me with arms wide open, showing me that everyone was ready to help me. On the first two weeks I filed documents and then I went to another firm, where I have been until now. What I did the most during this internship were little things like the inventory, checking the bags and labels of all of the parts in stock and doing new ones when they were missing. All in all, I loved my internship and this whole experience in Seville.’



Project Details

Project Title: I’m in Europe – INSIGNARE’s Mobilities in Europe
Project Number: 2016-1-PT01-KA102-022322
Number of participants: 3
City & country: Ourém (Portugal)

All Projects, Business Administration, Logistics, Marketing, Tourism