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About This Project

These 14 trainees spent a full month in Seville in May/June 2017 carrying out internships in the fields of IT, electronics and administration. They carried out tasks such as:


  • Assisting in the installations of different systems
  • Testing newly acquired equipment for functioning ability
  • Helping to install and replace electronic gadgets
  • Checking the condition and the status of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Performing corrective and preventive services of maintenance for different types of equipment
  • Repairing any defect and failure in air conditioning systems that appears


Apart from that, the trainees also went on daytrips to Cadiz and Tavira, visited Metropol Parasol – the lookout in Seville -, were given Spanish classes and had the opportunity to fully explore Seville.


Kore Salesianos Triana

Corentin Klingbiel:

‘The end of this internship and of this perfect project has arrived! During this fantastic month, I was able to learn a heap of things thanks to my tutor Miguel, but thanks to myself as well. The experience helped me to discover my limits in the shared life and I’m sure I got great results in maturity process. Cohabitation is not easy and the life in a new city either, but I enjoyed it, I love the Spanish culture and habits and I can say I have spent a fantastic month in Seville. I would like to thank the EuroMind team, my teachers from Belgium and my classmates as well, thanks to them the experience, in spite of the ups and downs, has been unforgettable.’


Arnaud Eloy:

‘Unfortunately, it is the end of the internship and of this one month abroad. For one month, I learnt, thanks to the present technician in the company, to repair telephones (change screens, batteries) as well as the configuration of a computer and the installation of Windows. This experience allowed me to discover the local culture. I was able to deepen my English and my Spanish to make myself understood during this whole month. I learnt to live together with my classmates, which, in spite of ups and downs, was fantastic. I thank Euromind for having allowed me to realize this travel. Thank you also to Mr. Chardon and Mr. Locht to have supervised us and have cooked for us.’



Project Details

Project Title: Euro-électro 2016
Project Number: 16MP0023
Number of participants: 14
City & country: Esneux (Belgium)

All Projects, Business Administration, Electronics, IT